Saturday, April 20, 2013

Final 2013 NFL Mock Draft (7 Rounds)

4/25/13 *Update* (7 Rounds) 

Final 7 Round Mock Draft 

Round 1





1. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan

*Buzz has LT Eric Fisher as the pick; it’s one or the other at Left Tackle.  The Chiefs roster is loaded with talent; the major problem is at QB.  Andy Reid made the decision to trade a 2013 second round pick and a 2014 pick for the average QB Alex Smith.  The Chiefs could have gone with the LT/QB option in round 1 and 2.  Similar to the LT Jake Long/QB Chad Henne combo over top QB Matt Ryan (not that Geno Smith is the prospect Matt Ryan was but you get the idea).  *They clearly don’t agree with me and see something in Alex Smith that I don’t.  *I love the value of the CB free agent signings.

With OT’s Lewan and Matthews returning to college, Eric Fisher is clearly the #2 LT prospect and many have him as the #1 Left Tackle.  Film shows quick feet and agility to go along with pure power.  Scouts compare him to 49ers Joe Staley.  *Stock up (6’7, 305/Long arms), dominate at the Senior Bowl.  Scouts buzz that he could contend as top overall Left Tackle and be drafted #1 overall.


2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

*Buzz now has LT Joeckel/Fisher landing here; I just don’t get it with such a need for a pass rusher.  The Jags need a QB (there was lots of Geno Smith interest/buzz, possible smokescreen) but I think they trade down or wait until the first pick in round 2 or 3 for their new QB.  This pick shapes the entire draft; they could go QB, DT, DE/OLB Dion Jordan and now a Left Tackle.  The Jags are looking for big, athletic playmakers to improve the pass rush.  *Lots of buzz that the Jags will now take a Left Tackle here.

Luke Joeckel is a Jake Long talent and maybe the best prospect in the draft (I have him as the #2 prospect).  LT Joeckel (6‘6, 310) can protect the blind side for the next 10 years, he’s the total package.  He’s not an elite athlete but that’s okay because he physically dominates pass rushers.


3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd DT Florida

**Trade down Alert** (Lions move up for OT Lane Johnson)

*Buzz again has a left tackle landing here, not buying it.  I still think DT Star Lotulelie should be the pick.  With QB Matt Flynn now on board the Raiders don’t have to reach for a QB.  Still some buzz that QB Geno Smith or a Left Tackle is in play here or it could be a great bluff to trade down and recoup a second round pick.  With their lack of playmakers on the D-Line and loss of free agents, they could use multiple picks on the D-Line.  This pick should come down to DT Lotulelie/Floyd and DE Jordan/Ansah, QB Smith is the only offensive option as they are set at Left Tackle.  Personally I would take DE Ziggy Ansah here.

Florida DT Sharrif Floyd has great upside; he’s only 20 years old and already flashes dominance with his athletic ability, burst off the line and ability to collapse the pocket.  He’s played both DE and DT (in 4-3, best fit) which just proves his athletic ability is off the charts for such a big guy. * Looks like clear top 5 now.*Update: Lots of buzz that Floyd is a lock for the top 3.  There are a few scenarios (QB and Star get picked) that could push him to the 10-13 area.


4. Philadelphia Eagles – Dion Jordan OLB/DE Oregon

*Buzz has DT Star Lotulelie or OLB Dion Jordan; I don’t see how they can pass on a Left Tackle.  The Eagles need O-Line help with the uncertainty of Jason Peters coming back from injury.  QB Geno Smith would be intriguing for new Head Coach Chip Kelly as would OLB Dion Jordan.  OT/OLB/ and CB Dee Milliner or a NT/DE (Star Lotulelie) makes sense as far as team needs. *Update: with the switch to the 3-4 defense a true NT or 5 technique DE (Star Lotulelie) is now a need even with the signing of NT Isaac Sopoaga.

Dion Jordan (6’7, 240) could go as high as the Jags and deservedly so.  A high upside pass-rusher who still has room to put on weight, he can play the 4-3 LEO or OLB in the 3-4 (best fit).  Jordan has insane reach, closing speed and upside.  *Great all-around combine, special athlete.  Drawn comparisons to Aldon Smith but I see a Javon Kerse/Jason Taylor type pass rusher. 


5. Detroit Lions – Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma

*Buzz has one of the top three Left Tackles or DE Ansah here.  CB, Left Tackle and DE are needs and the Lions usually go best player available.  This pick should come down to DE Ziggy Ansah or LT Eric Fisher/Lane Johnson.   

Lane Johnson could easily go to the Lions at 5 or a team trading up to pick 6 to jump the Cards to secure the rising Left Tackle prospect.  Stock up for the 6’6, 302lb Left Tackle, he has moved into the early 1st round with only 3 immediate starting Left Tackles in the draft.  Impressive Senior Bowl and Combine for the former QB/TE.  *Update: Great overall Combine numbers continues to rise, looks to be a lock to go in the top 7 picks.  Lane Johnson has a faster 40 yard dash than Anquan Boldin and the same vertical leap as A.J Green…Wow.


6. Cleveland Browns – Geno Smith QB West Virginia

**Trade down Alert**

*Buzz has a trade down, QB Geno Smith, TE Tyler Eifert, Dion Jordan, Ziggy Ansah and CB Milliner (who could be dropping).  *It now looks like the Browns will jump on a QB here.  It sure sounds like the Browns will trade pick 6 to the Chargers or Dolphins so they can select LT Lane Johnson one spot ahead of the Cardinals.  This would allow the Browns to recoup their second round pick they used on WR Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.  Browns are switching to the 3-4 defense and attacked pass-rushing OLB’s in FA.  A CB opposite Joe Haden makes sense but it really sounds like they want another pass rusher.  *Loaded up on OLB in free agency so that is no longer a pressing need but may be the best value here.  *Perfect spot to trade down to a team looking at CB Dee Milliner (Falcons) or LT Lane Johnson so the Browns can recoup their second round pick.

*Buzz has Geno Smith dropping, I still think he goes top 10.  Geno Smith (6’3 220) has the size/speed/arm to be a Franchise QB (non-elite).  Like every other QB in this class he is very inconsistent but Smith splashes these big throws and running ability at times that give him the “upside” factor.  He’s not an option QB; he’s a pocket passer that can simply run.  *Average Combine, did not separate himself from the pack. 


7. Arizona Cardinals – Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah DE/OLB BYU

*Buzz has top Guard or top pass rusher; I don’t think they pass on a Left Tackle.  QB Carson Palmer is headed for Arizona so it looks like OL and a pass rusher are the top options now.  They need to develop a young QB and they should still draft one somewhere in the top five rounds.  The clear option here now is LT Lane Johnson or Guard Chance Warmack/Cooper.  The ideal QB fit would be a big armed vertical threat QB (Glennon in round 2 or 3).  As for a defensive prospect they can hope that Dion Jordan or Ziggy Ansah fall to #7. 

I think Ansah should go in the top 5 and any lower than that would be a steal.  His potential could make him a top 5 pick and I think he should go top 3.  Ziggy Ansah has the look of Jason Pierre-Paul 2.0 as far as raw ability.  He stands 6’6 and 270 lbs. with absolutely freakish athletic ability and could develop into an elite pass rusher as he gets more football under his belt.  Right now he is more skilled in the run game with insane closing speed, the pass rush is not there yet and he needs to develop some moves.  Ziggy Ansah can play 4-3 DE, 5 technique in the 3-4 and rush OLB in the odd front.  At the Senior Bowl, he didn’t look good in practice but when it was game time and he could just go out and play and not think about technique he dominated and showed everything scouts are buzzing about (closing speed/athletic/playmaker).  *Update: Great Combine.  I see a clear Top 5 talent and that’s without any real pass rush moves.


8. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse

*Trade down Alert* for QB’s Nassib/Barkley/Manuel.

*Buzz now has QB Ryan Nassib going ahead of Geno Smith and taking Nassib right here at 8 if they can’t trade down.  QB Kevin Kolb is in Buffalo but that won’t stop the Bills from drafting a QB here.  The Bills GM Buddy Nix has told us he’s taking a Franchise QB and Ryan Nassib is the logical fit to reunite with his college coach.  The Bills seem to be deciding between Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley here, I know Barkley doesn’t fit the profile of a bad weather Buffalo QB but he and Nassib won’t be available for the Bills pick in round 2.  A WR like Tavon Austin is another strong option as is OLB Jarvis Jones.  A guard to replace Levitre makes sense but Nix says they will not be going guard at 8.

Ryan Nassib (6’2, 220) has drawn Andy Dalton comparisons.  Nassib could go as high as the Bills in round 1 and reunite with his college coach in Buffalo. Mixed reports from Senior Bowl, I’m not seeing any special tools and he just can’t throw the deep ball with accuracy.  He has all the intangible tools you want in a QB, however the physical tools are lacking.  Scouts much smarter than me say Nassib is the best QB in the class.


9. New York Jets – Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB LSU

*Buzz has DE/OLB Mingo locked in here but I think they could surprise with QB Geno Smith now that GM John Idzik is running the show and not Rex Ryan.  The Jets finally traded Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay for pick 13 this year and a 2014 third round pick (it’s a conditional fourth round pick but will end up being a third as long as Revis is on the Bucs roster next year).  This pick can go in so many directions now; maybe QB Geno Smith or Ryan Nassib, top WR Tavon Austin, a corner to replace Revis or what the Jets have always coveted: a true pass rushing OLB.  If one of the top 2 DT’s (Star Lotulelie/Sharrif Floyd) somehow fall to 9, they must be considered from a pure value standpoint. 

Mingo (6’5, 240) is the best available pass-rusher here.  Mingo has survived on his athletic ability so far and been great; he now needs to work on shedding blocks when initially shut down.  *Update: Other pass-rushers are climbing (BYU DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah).  *Update: He could still go top 6 but I’m moving him down for now.


10. Tennessee Titans – Star Lotulelie DT/NT Utah

*Buzz has top Guard or the falling CB Milliner.  Interior O-Line, D-Line and the secondary are need areas.  The top CB (Milliner) would be the dream scenario and could happen if the Browns trade down.  The top Guard (Warmack or Cooper) or 4-3 DE/DT could also be considered here.  Even with Levitre they should still look for interior O-Line help.

Personally I have Star as the #1 overall player in the draft.  Star Lotulelie (6’4, 325) is a massive DT who lives in the backfield with great explosion off the line, has drawn comparisons to DT Suh and Ngata.  Personally, I have Lotulelie as the #1 prospect in the draft.  Scheme diverse, he can play NT and DE in the 3-4 or DT in the 4-3.  *Update*: Heart problem detected at the Combine, he has now been cleared.  I can’t move the best player in the draft too far down.  He is still very much in play to be picked in the top 4 overall. *Now medically cleared and moving back up, as he should be.

11. San Diego Chargers – Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina

**Trade up Alert**

*Buzz has RT D.J. Fluker, top Guard or WR Tavon Austin.  They must improve the O-Line to protect Rivers and a least give the talented QB a chance to succeed.  A trade up for LT Lane Johnson makes a ton of sense and should be considered.

Cooper (6’2, 312) is a dominant interior blocker with great technique and rare athleticism for a man his size.  Cooper is more athletic and versatile than Chance Warmack; Warmack relies on pure power while Cooper is more agile and can also play Center.  He’s the best pure athlete at the guard position to come out in nearly 10 years.  *These two top guards could go lower than originally thought.


12. Miami Dolphins – Dee Milliner CB Alabama

**Trade up Alert**

*Buzz has top Guard available, CB DJ Hayden or a pass rusher along with RT D.J Fluker.  Miami could trade up to the Browns at pick 6 to select the last top flight Left Tackle.  Miami has crushed Free Agency filling many need areas; signing #1 FA WR Mike Wallace and re-signing WR Hartline and CB Brent Grimes.  Options are a top CB/Safety/Rush OLB /DT and OL. 

*Buzz has Milliner dropping.  Miller is a big (6’1, 200) physical corner who has all the tools to be a shutdown corner.  He excels in run support while still keeping up as a cover corner.  Milliner played well against the best the SEC had to offer and is so polished and ahead of every other CB in this draft that he could go anywhere from pick 3 to the Titans at 10. *Combine: Ran a 4.4, speed no longer an issue. 



13. New York Jets (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Tavon Austin WR West Virginia

*Buzz has the top CB available (DJ Hayden), TE Tyler Eifert and WR Tavon Austin.  This pick was acquired in the Revis trade from Tampa Bay. 

Austin (5’9, 175) is the ideal slot receiver and a matchup nightmare for any defense.  WR Austin could go as high as the Browns in Round 1.  *Combine: Great showing and second fastest WR.  More impressive in that he has game quickness to go along with track speed.  *Buzz now has him as a top 10 pick.  He’s smaller than Percy Harvin but can be used the same way, instant game changer.


14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

*Buzz has top DT, WR or Safety.  The Panthers have needed help at DT for years and the mid round DT picks have not been kind or produced successful starting caliber lineman.  A WR is also a possibility here; this could be the landing spot for WR Tavon Austin.  The other major need is safety which means S Kenny Vaccaro is very much in play.

Richardson (6’2, 200) is more of a pass rushing DT than run stuffing and his upside is huge due to this pure athletic ability.  Drawn comparisons to Warren Sapp.  If DT Star Lotulelie falls for medical reasons then Richardson has the talent to go top 10 and jump Lotulelie in the draft.


15. New Orleans Saints – Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina

*Buzz has top OLB, CB, Safety, OT and NT.  I still think the surprise pick could be OT Meneilk Watson.  The saints need help all along the D-Line as they are near the bottom of the league in pass/run defense.  *Update: Saints will be switching to the 3-4 Defense.  DL/Rush OLB/Secondary/O-Line all look to be strong options.  Yes it would be a reach to take an O-Tackle at this point but it makes sense and could happen even though Saints fans won’t like it.

Stock up, great Senior Bowl and Combine.  Even with a very deep DT class he could force his way into the mid first round.  Great burst off the line, violent hands and gets after the QB.  At 6’2, 310lbs; an ideal 3 technique but is so versatile and athletic/powerful he can play in the 3-4 defense as a 5 technique.


16. St. Louis Rams – Kenny Vaccaro FS Texas

*Buzz has the Rams very interested in LB Ogeltree and WR DeAndre Hopkins.  O-line, WR and Safety are all option here for the Rams.  With the signing of LT Jake Long, O-Tackle is not a pressing need but an impact guard could still be the pick here.  Many have WR Tavon Austin here and that makes a ton of sense.

Kenny Vaccaro (Free Safety) is the clear cut #1 Safety in the draft and for good reason.  He is a true difference maker on D in the mold of Troy Polamalu.  He has all the tools, size/speed and great football instincts.  He has the speed/hands of a CB with the strength of a Safety.  He has the ability to cover any Tight End which raises his stock even more.  *Stock up, scouts say he could go top 10.


17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones DE/OLB Georgia

*Buzz has OLB, Safety and TE.  The Steelers go BPA.  This pick could go any number of ways: S, OLB, WR, CB and DL.

Jarvis Jones is a true sack machine who can be used like OLB Von Miller of the Broncos in a 4-3 or rush linebacker in the 3-4 (best fit). An elite pass-rusher improves every level of the defense.  Jones (6’3, 240) has an explosive first step off the snap and used speed more than power in college.  He’s a perfect fit for any team as a 3-4 rush OLB but can play OLB in the 4-3 defense.  Jones is a Top 5 talent but his medical history could really drop him down the draft, a smart team will catch him and be rewarded IMO.  *Update: Medical issues are a red flag so his stock could drop.  *Update:  Combine: Teams are taking Jones off draft boards due to medical (Back/Spine), could be in for a big free fall.  *Mixed reports: some say spinal stenosis is not an issue; it will come down to team doctor’s reports.


18. Dallas Cowboys – Chance Warmack G Alabama

*Buzz has top Guard or D.J. Fluker along with DT and S Kenny Vaccaro.  Team needs include interior O-Line, D-Line and Safety.  They are changing Defensive schemes and will now run and base 4-3 cover 2 Defense.  They now need the players to fit the scheme and a true DT will go a long way to ease the transition.  Jay Ratliff’s future was uncertain to begin with and now a DWI could land him out of Dallas, making D-Line an even bigger need.  It will come down to the top Guard/DE/DT/S.  If both guards are off the board they could look at RT DJ Fluker.  The best available DT could have the most value.  *O-Line is a bigger need than DT/S but all the top O-Lineman may be off the board. 

Guards rarely go high but Warmack (6’3, 320) is the best power interior O-Line prospect to come out in years; he could go as high as the Titans at 10 or even the Cardinals at 7.  Warmack plays with a mean streak to go along with great technique and pure power.  He looks like a young Larry Allen, yeah, he’s that good.  He dominates at the first level then has the ability to block at the second and even third level. *Starting to feel these two guards could go lower than most are projecting.


19. New York Giants – Cornelius “Tank” Carradine DE Florida St

*Buzz has Giants taking Right Tackle D.J Fluker; I still think they take the best available DE.  The Giants have needs at D-Line, Linebacker, Corner and O-Line.  The O-Line comes back in tact with the resigning of LT Will Beatty and LG Kevin Boothe, RT David Diehl took a pay cut but RT James Brewer could beat him out in a training camp battle.  At DE, Osi is out and Justin Tuck had a down year.  CB Corey Webster was truly awful and hard to watch and the Giants have needed Linebackers forever.  The best available DE is the most likely scenario.  LB options include Teo/Ogletree/Brown; DE here could be FSU DE Bjoern Werner, Tank Carradine and UCLA’s Datone Jones.  The Giants rarely pick a linebacker in the first Round (last one was Carl Banks in 1984) but with the new era of QB/TE’s they should consider a do it all linebacker here (Ogletree/Brown).

Tank Carradine is an elite talent (6’5,260) who is overcoming ACL injuries, clear first round ability when healthy.  If he checks out medically it’s possible a team takes a shot at him early in Round 1.  He is a top 10 talent and a complete 4-3 DE who can also play OLB in the 3-4 D.  *Great Pro Day, stock up.  He should end up as a top 20 pick now.  Probable first round pick as high as #10, without the injury he would be considered for the #2 overall pick.


20. Chicago Bears – Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

*Buzz has Linebacker penciled in here.  O-Line, TE, MLB, slot WR.  The Bears needed upgrades across the offensive line to give Cutler a chance to be successful, which they did in free agency.  They now could look for a future MLB like Manti Teo/Ogletree/Brown.  The top available Guard (Cooper) or the best RT in DJ Fluker should still be considered. Adding the best TE in the draft to pair with Bennett is intriguing.

TE Tyler Eifert (6’6, 250) should be a strong consideration here.  He’s battling Stanford’s TE Zach Ertz as the first TE off the board. Either TE could easily go mid/late in the 1st round.  He’s a great receiver and fits the new era of pass catching Tight Ends.  *Update: Eifert outscored Zach Ertz in all areas at the Combine.


21. Cincinnati Bengals – DJ Fluker OT Alabama

*Buzz has a Safety like LSU Eric Reid landing here.  The Bengals have been one of the best drafting teams over the last few years and will be looking to load up with all their picks. What a great pick-up in LB Vontez Burfict as an undrafted free agent last year.  Need areas are a 3 down RB, DE, Safety and LB.  DE Michael Johnson got the Franchise Tag so DE is no longer a pressing need.  It’s a bit early for a RB here (Eddie Lacy).  A lot of buzz that a safety lands here now (Matt Elam).

Stock up for Fluker (6’4, 355/long arms), could move into the 12 with a team making the mistake of thinking he can play Left Tackle.  A massive Right Tackle, doesn’t have the feet for a LT but will be a dominate RT. *Most have him in the mid-1st Round.  *Buzz that he could go as high as the Dolphins in Round 1.  It now looks like he’s going to be over drafted; I wouldn’t use a top 20 pick on a Right Tackle.


22. St. Louis Rams (via Redskins) – Alec Ogletree LB Georgia

The Rams could go a lot of different ways with this pick; it all depends on what they do at pick #16. (Safety, O-line, WR and LB)

Ogletree (6’3, 225) is the total package on the field, off the field is another question.  A three down linebacker with sideline to sideline speed and he can play all three LB positions (I see a middle linebacker but he could play Will/Sam backer in the 4-3.  Good size/speed and a nose for the football.  Ogletree averaged over 10 tackles per game, the guy’s a machine.  He’s a former safety with amazing athletic ability and will only get better.   *Update: Charged with a DUI a week before the combine, just awful.  His stock is all over the place right now; he was also suspended for the first four games in 2012 due to a positive drug test.  *Stock down: Off the field concerns.


23. Minnesota Vikings – Codarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee

*Buzz has LB Manti Teo or DT Sylvester Williams along with their top rated WR for the two Vikings picks.  The Vikings need more WR help to compliment Peterson and Rudolf and now Greg Jennings.  They just need to continue to surround Ponder with weapons to maximize his potential.  Other options include DT/MLB or CB.  The Vikings should take the best available WR to make this offense the juggernaut it can be with Adrian Peterson. 

Patterson (6’3, 210) has the most upside of any WR in the draft and is trying to fight off Tavon Austin as the first WR off the board.  He is truly fun to watch, he glides effortlessly like Randy Moss.  He’s raw in route running but his size/speed/hands make him the total package as a prospect.  *Combine: Showed elite athletic ability, stock up. *Rumors now have him dropping


24. Indianapolis Colts – Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St

**Trade down Alert**

*Buzz has a pass rusher landing here or Corner.  Protect Andrew Luck at all cost, he’s the franchise.  Even with the free agent O-Line upgrades I think they should still consider an O-Lineman.  CB, OL/ DT/OLB (pass rush) are also big needs.   With the loss of their second round pick (Vonte Davis) they could trade down and still get their player while recouping their 2nd round pick. 

Rhodes is a big (6’2, 215), physical, athletic corner who has really raised his draft stock during the combine/team workouts.  Physically imposing with great ball skills. *Great Combine, showed speed and ball skills.  A bit stiff in the hips but that’s the tradeoff you get with a big corner. 


25. Minnesota Vikings (Seahawks) – Manti Teo ILB Notre Dame

Vikings acquire this pick in the Percy Harvin trade.  Sounds like this pick will come down to the best MLB or DT, assuming they draft a WR at pick 23.

And now we get to Manti Teo, this is one crazy story and his draft stock is all over the place right now.  The interview process becomes HUGE for him now as teams try and figure out what kind of guy he really is off the field.  The talent is there and should trump any character concerns come draft day.  You can’t deny his production and complete overall game.  He’s very aggressive in the run game and has the athletic ability to cover TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield.  He could be the best player available here and at a position of need.  *Update: Really struggled against Alabama’s pro like O-Line, Ogletree and Minter could pass him.  *Combine: Did well in media session but a bad 40 (4.80). Improved 40 time at his Pro Day.


26. Green Bay Packers –
Datone Jones DE/DT UCLA

*Buzz has RB Eddie Lacy, interior O-Line or another pass rusher.  O-line/D-Line/Linebackers are needs and TE Finley will not be around forever, but he will be back for the 2013 season.  The Packers can take the best player available here given their talented roster.  Even with TE Finley coming back TE’s Tyler Eifert/Zach Ertz should be considered.  An O-Lineman should be considered if available.  Hearing OT/OG Justin Pugh.

Stock way up, great Senior Bowl/Combine.  Datone Jones is a big (6’4, 280) DE who could land in the mid first Round.  Can play 4-3 Left DE or 5 technique in the 3-4 (best fit).  He’s big, athletic/powerful and can get after the QB.  Could easily land as high as the Giants at #19.


27. Houston Texans – Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

*Buzz has WR, inside linebacker, Right Tackle and TE.  A #2 WR (who will eventually become the #1) is still a need and an impact inside linebacker could bring the Texans D back to last year’s dominance.  *Update: Texans Owner says ILB and WR are need areas. *Looks like a WR is a very strong option here.

An ACL injury in 2011 drops Hunter a bit.  At (6’4, 200) he is pro ready and extremely talented with great size/speed.  *Combine: Great showing all around (speed/vert/explosive)


28. Denver Broncos – Bjoern Werner DE/OLB Florida St

*Buzz has a pass rushing OLB/Middle Linebacker or Corner landing here, I’m not buying the RB in round 1 talk.  Champ Baily is on the decline and CB depth is a need area (even with great, low risk Rodgers-Cromartie signing) along with DT/OLB/ILB and Safety.  Reports say a RB will be looked at in the first 3 rounds.  I think the best available defensive player will be the pick.

Werner is drawing comparisons to DE Chris Long but he’s not the athlete Long is.  He can play in the 4-3 (best fit) at DE or the 3-4 as the pass rushing OLB (not ideal).  Werner (6”4, 255) continues to move up and down draft boards.  The tape shows an instinctive knowledge of his position as he loves to knock down passes like JJ Watt when he knows he can’t get to the QB. *Combine showed he was not as athletic as first thought but the guys a football player.  *Stock is dropping, once thought to be a top 6 pick.


29. New England Patriots – DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

**Trade down Alert**

*Buzz has Boise St. Cornerback Jamar Taylor landing here.  The Patriots could really go in any direction here.  Needs include CB, WR and Safety.  I think the #1 option here would be to trade down (to a team looking for a QB) and get their player in Round 2 while recouping some of the mid-round picks they lost through trades.  Corners Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes fit BB’s scheme and would make a lot of sense here as would Safety Matt Elam (BB loves his Florida players).  *It’s clear now the top need is an outside vertical threat WR.  *Buzz has the Pats targeting Jamar Taylor CB Boise St.  I know they rarely draft WR in the first round but maybe this is the year.

A difference maker at WR like “Nuke” Hopkins (6’1, 200), who can really stretch the field, would greatly benefit any QB.  In the mold of Roddy White, the more you watch the more he moves up the draft.  He can make an impact from day one; some scouts view him as the #1 WR in the draft. *Combine:  Great all around combine, impressive hands to go along with explosive speed.


30. Atlanta Falcons –
Desmond Trufant CB Washington

**Trade up Alert**

*Buzz has the Falcons trading up for CB Dee Milliner/Trufant or a top DE.  Needs include DE, DT, TE, CB and some help on the O-Line.  I think the #1 priority is to find a day one starting CB.  A TE could be in the mix but it’s a deep draft for TE’s and to be honest Tony G is showing no signs of slowing down, he’s actually getting better if that’s even possible.  If the top 5 CB’s are gone a DE would make a lot of sense because the corners in round 2 would be rated higher than the pass rushers.

Stock up, possible mid-1st round.  Great Senior Bowl/Combine, showing off his man to man cover skills (6’0, 185).  NFL bloodlines who has a chance to be the second CB off the board in round one.  *Combine: Showed top end speed in the 40 yard dash.  Could go higher in round 1 now.  Tape shows he’s not as physical with receivers as you want, that’s the only reason he could drop a bit.


31. San Francisco 49ers –
Jonathan Cyprien SS Florida Int.

*Buzz has Safety, DE and TE.  The 49ers have a great defense but lack depth on the D-Line.  The best available CB/S would make a lot of sense here as well.

Stock up for the 6’0, 210lb. impact safety.  A big, physical safety with the athletic ability to cover anyone on the field.  A rare blend of size and speed with elite cover skills.  *Lots of buzz right now, mid 1st round possible.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Kevin Minter ILB LSU

*Buzz has WR, Inside Linebacker and Safety.  Ray Lewis finished his Hall of Fame career with a Super Bowl victory and it’s time to find his replacement.  Safety could also be in play here (Florida S Matt Elam or FIU Safety Cyprien).

Minter (6’0, 250) is a physical, aggressive linebacker who is always attacking.  Big thumper who takes on blocks well, speed is not his game.  Best fit in the 3-4 D but can play in the 4-3.


Round 2

33. Jacksonville Jaguars –
Matt Barkley QB USC

*Trade Up*

 Barkley (6’2, 220) is pro-ready (West Coast), accurate and a leader.  He doesn’t have any remarkable tools (Height/ Speed/Arm).  We’ve seen reaches before and we’ll see it again this year.  He’s a better prospect than USC QB’s Sanchez and Lienart but not on the level of a Carson Palmer.  His experience (starter since a freshman) will be a big plus in the eyes of scouts.  *Combine:*Update: watching the 2011 game tape you do see why he should be considered a top 10 pick.  Some buzz that a team will trade back into the end of round 1 for Barkley.  Deep ball accuracy/arm strength was an issue at his Pro Day.

34. San Francisco 49ers (via Kansas City Chiefs) –
Margus Hunt DE SMU

Stock up physically (6’8, 277).  Physical Freak/Raw with untapped potential.  May be best suited as a 5 Technique in the 3-4 D but can play LE in the 4-3.  Game tape shows limited pass-rushing moves.  He could go as high as the late 1st round to the 49ers.  *I’m higher on him than most, love the upside.

35. Philadelphia Eagles –
EJ Manuel QB Florida State

*Trade Up*

At 6’4, 220 he has all the physical tools and should continue to climb draft boards, I expect someone to take a chance on him in round 1 or early Round 2.  His game tape is wildly inconsistent; he needs a good coach and talent around him.  Amazing upside, as both a read option QB and pocket passer.  Right now he does not have great footwork and his decision making is poor but I just have a gut feeling about this guy, can’t explain it but I’m sticking with him.   *Stock up, good Senior Bowl and great Combine.  I’m higher on him than most; I’d take late 1, early round 2.

36. Detroit Lions – D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

Amazing story here, Hayden almost died after a freak injury in practice in which he tore a piece of his heart.  Only %5 of people survive this injury and now it appears he is back to %100 and is being considered one of the top overall players in the entire draft.  Mike Mayock ranks him as the #1 CB in the draft and the #14 overall player.  Mayock thinks he will go in the top 20 picks but the question is: what do teams think about this freak injury and is he still on team boards.  He has good size (5’11, 190) and great technique with 4.38 speed.  But will teams pass on him with his huge medical red flag?

37. Cincinnati Bengals (via Raiders) – Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

Lacy could be 1st RB off the board.  Any potential 3-down RB will be in demand.  A slow 40 time at his pro day hurts, he seemed out of shape.  He still could land in the first round even with all the question marks.


Cleveland Browns – *(2012 Supplemental Draft)

38. Arizona Cardinals –
Meneilk Watson OT Florida St

I think he will go earlier in the first round than we all expect (Dolphins/Saints).  Meneilk Watson (6’6, 320) has the upside to be a Franchise Left Tackle (would start career off at right tackle) and you don’t pass on that.  He could rise to this spot by draft day.  *Stock up, Big/athletic former Basketball player.  He has everything you want in a Left Tackle except experience.

39. New York Jets – Jamar Taylor CB Boise St

Stock up.  Taylor (5’11, 190) is a tough, physical corner with 4.39 speed.  He can play in any scheme.  Looks like he could land at the end of round 1.


40. Tennessee Titans – Larry Warford G Kentucky

Stock up (6’3, 333).  A Big mauler, very impressive on film with his ability to just manhandle defensive tackles.  He’s your day one starter at RG.

41. Buffalo Bills – Robert Woods WR USC

(6’1, 190) Production down this year with injured Barkley.  Extremely productive freshman and sophomore year.  Great hands, route running.  Late 1st to early 2nd round is now possible.  Looks like a young Reggie Wayne on film. *Combine: So impressive in drills and interviews, stock is only going up.  Looks like the most pro ready WR in the draft.

42. Miami Dolphins – Justin Pugh OG/OT Syracuse

Stock down as a Left Tackle/ Stock up at Guard (6’4, 305/short arms, guard), May not make it at Left Tackle but could be an impact Guard.

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kawann Short DT Purdue

With Revis landing in Tampa Bay, corner is no longer the #1 need but should still be addressed.  The top needs now are pass rush help at DT and DE along with a TE and CB depth.

Stock up, DT Short (6’3, 310) has been impressive with his quick burst off the line and ability to be explosive (great hands) and make plays in the backfield.  Could go anywhere from mid-1st to late 2nd with the great DT depth in this draft.  A rare sack machine from the defensive tackle position.

44. Carolina Panthers – Keenan Allen WR California

Keenan Allen was battling Tennessee WR Codarrelle Patterson and WR Tavon Austin for the #1 WR prospect spot in the draft but his injury has left his draft landing spot cloudy.  Allen, 6’3, 200lbs, has all the traits you look for in a WR with great Height/Weight/Physical and production.  Not elite speed but can create space off the line. Allen battles for every ball like Anquan Boldin.  Combine: did not work out due to injury/Poor pro day.  Scouts compare him to Reggie Wayne.

45. San Diego Chargers –
Terron Armstead OT Ark. Pine Bluff

*Stock up; great combine with fastest 40 yard time in Offensive lineman history.  Extremely athletic, possible round 2 or 3 now.  Best D1 AA prospect.

New Orleans Saints – *Forfeited (Bounty)

46. St. Louis Rams – Giovanni Bernard RB North Carolina

He’s battling Eddie Lacy/Montee Ball and Franklin to be the top RB in the draft.  A complete 3 down back with home run ability any time he touches the ball.  He’s tough, doesn’t shy away from blocking and a receiving threat out of the backfield.

47. Dallas Cowboys –
Eric Reid FS LSU

A big hitting Free Safety at 6’2, 205.  Reid could go as high as the Rams or Bengals in Round 1.

48. Pittsburgh Steelers –
Jonathan Franklin RB UCLA

*Stock up, very good Combine.  Drawing comparisons to Bucs RB Doug Martin, could be #1 RB off the board

49. New York Giants – Arthur Brown LB Kansas St

Stock up, mid round 1 is possible.  Brown (6’1, 240) is an athletic/versatile LB who has played MLB but his best fit may be WLB in the 4-3 D or ILB in the 3-4 D.  Started career with the Miami Hurricanes.  He has bulked up a bit but hasn’t lost a step, a rare prospect: size of a LB with speed of a safety.  Could go as high as the NYG at #19. *Some whispers now about lingering injuries, he has not been able to fully work out.  He is still a top 15 talent.

50. Chicago Bears – Khaseem Greene LB Rutgers

Stock up, could climb into the second round.  An athletic former Safety, now a sideline to sideline LB.  Best fit in the 4-3 but a 3-4 team could look at him as in OLB/ILB.

51. Washington Redskins – Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi St

Banks is a big (6’2, 185), physical corner who looks to be best suited for a zone coverage secondary.  *Update: Stock drops after slow 40 and other CB’s rise (Trufant/Rhodes/Taylor/Hayden).

52. Minnesota Vikings –
Darius Slay, CB Mississippi State

Stock up, Round 2 possible after great combine and film study shows he’s just as good as teammate CB Johnthan Banks. Stands 6’0, 190lbs with 4.36 speed.

53. Cincinnati Bengals – Matt Elam SS Florida

Elam could go late in the 1st and is a playmaking Strong Safety.  (5’10, 200) A ball hawk in the mold of Ed Reed; plays aggressive and loves contact.  Great hands, goes up and attacks the ball.  Plays with a swagger and backs it up. *Stock up, solid Combine.

54. Miami Dolphins (via Colts) – Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M

“Damonster” Moore (6’4, 250) is a pure pass-rusher with experience at OLB and DE.  Non-Stop motor, always headed up field attacking the QB.  Strength is now in question after only 12 reps on the bench.  Even if he drops some there is no denying his pass rush skills.  He’s better on the field than in shorts at the combine, the tape doesn’t lie and he can get to the QB.  *Update: Poor Combine, Stock is dropping like a rock.  Not overly athletic or strong.

55. Green Bay Packers – Kyle Long OT/OG Oregon

Stock up (Room to grow/Howie Longs son).  Long can play O-Tackle or Guard.  *Good combine, showed his athleticism.

56. Seattle Seahawks – John Jenkins NT/DT Georgia

Jenkins goes 6’3, 350lbs and is just a massive human being with good athleticism working inside in the 3-4 Defense or DT in a 4-3. Vince Wilfork type frame. 

57. Houston Texans – Jon Bostic ILB Florida

*Stock up, great Combine.  Faster than I expected

58. Denver Broncos – Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Round 2/3 (5’11, 215).  Best fit in a Zone blocking scheme.

59. New England Patriots – Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut

Stock up, big/physical corner (6’1, 190 lbs.)  Could easily land in round 1 or 2.  I think he should go higher, like everything about his game.

60. Atlanta Falcons –
Cornelius Washington DE/OLB Georgia

Stock up, great combine.  Tape is not great but the talent is there.

61. San Francisco 49ers – Zach Ertz TE Stanford

Ertz could go mid/late 1st round. At 6’6, 250lbs. he’s more of a pass catching TE but his blocking has improved.  He’s a better all-around prospect than former teammate Colby Fleener.  *Update: Not a great combine, was outshined by ND TE Tyler Eifert.

62. Baltimore Ravens –
D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina

Stock up (5’11, 210).  Plays aggressive, big hitter with impressive all-around game tape.  Early 2nd Round buzz.


Round 3

63. Kansas City Chiefs –
Corey Lemonier DE/OLB Auburn

Stock up, Round 1 talent.


64. Jacksonville Jaguars – Robert Alford, CB Southeastern Louisiana

Stock up, Combine

65. Detroit Lions – Alex Oakfor DE/OLB Texas

(6’4, 260) Stock down.  Once viewed as a late first round prospect.  He did not work out at the Combine due to injury.  *Update: Mixed review from scouts, now say anywhere from Round 2 to Round 4.

66. Oakland Raiders – Tyler Bray QB Tennessee

Tools are there, maturity questions remain. *Stock up: great combine overall, did look good when he got in a rhythm during passing drills.  Looks like he is destined for the third round. 

67. Philadelphia Eagles – Jonathan Hankins DT/NT Ohio St

Hankins is a NT in the 3-4 but is scheme diverse and can play DT in the 4-3 Defense.  At 6’4, 320 he’s a space eater with surprising burst off the line.  He didn’t look great at the combine but his game tape backs up this selection.

68. Cleveland Browns – Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St

A rising CB prospect that fills a need.  (5’11, 180) also helps in the return game.

69. Arizona Cardinals – Mike Glennon QB North Carolina St

Glennon (6’6, 205) is a pocket/vertical passing QB.  If a team falls in love with his tools/upside and disregards his game tape/decision making, he could go in the top 10 come draft day.  His decision making is the big question mark (as is his lack of pure athletic ability) and watching his game tape he is wildly inconsistent.  The tools (as a vertical passing threat) are there to be a starter and you’re hearing Ryan Mallet as a comparison but with no off the field questions.  *Update: Good Senior Bowl, powerful arm and good deep ball.  Clearly needs to put on weight and find a weight room. *Combine: Average

70. Tennessee Titans – Logan Ryan CB Rutgers

Looks like a solid round 2 prospect, complete CB.  At 6’0, 190 lbs. he excels at man coverage. *I think he’s going to be a great CB and a steal here.


71. Buffalo Bills – Travis Frederick OG/C Wisconsin

His best position looks to be Guard even though he played Center in 2012.  Wisconsin keeps pumping out O-Line prospects. A versatile (6’4, 310lbs) interior offensive lineman.

72. New York Jets – Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

Wilson (6’2, 215) has the arm and makeup to be a solid starter.  His film is inconsistent (as is every QB this year) deep ball accuracy is a problem and his O-Line was truly awful this year forcing a lot of ill-advised throws which is making him an even tougher evaluations for scouts.  Wilson has the talent to go in the first round to the Cards/Bills and Jets.  You really have to watch the 2011 film to see the talent.  *Small hands may be causing the deep ball “floaters”

73. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gavin Escobar TE San Diego ST

Stock way up, Round 2 or 3.  Scouts have him as the #3 TE in the draft.  Physically the same as top TE’s Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz.

74. San Francisco 49ers (via Panthers) – Quinton Patton WR LA Tech

Stock up, Round 2 probable. (6’2, 210) impressive Senior Bowl proved he belongs with the top 5 WR prospects.*Impressive combine, looks like round 2 lock.

75. New Orleans Saints – Jamie Collins OLB Southern Miss

*Stock up: Elite Combine performance, showed explosion throughout the entire test.

76. San Diego Chargers – Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern

Stock up, Round 2/3.  The best D2 defensive talent.

77. Miami Dolphins – J.J. Wilcox S Georgia Southern

Stock up, Round 2/3 buzz

78. St. Louis Rams – Terrance Williams WR Baylor

Williams (6’2, 200lbs) matches great size with speed and is a better prospect then last year Baylor 1st rounder Kendall Wright.  *Combine: Good not great, other WR are passing him.

79. Pittsburgh Steelers – Marquise Goodwin WR Texas

Stock up, amazing speed. A true vertical threat who can play outside and in the slot.  Has some Mike Wallace to his game.  *Fastest 40 yard dash at the Combine

80. Dallas Cowboys – Bennie Logan DT LSU

Given his athleticism and pass rush ability, I think he can play in any defensive front and pressure the QB. 

81. New York Giants – David Amerson CB/S North Carolina

A big, 6’1 corner that could end up at Safety.  Great size and versatility.  Says he’s willing to move to Safety.  Combine: Showed corner speed (4.4), Stock up.

82. Miami Dolphins (via Bears) – Aaron Dobson WR Marshall

Stock up, Round 2/3.  A big (6’3, 200), polished route runner with plus deep speed.  A future #1 WR option. 

83. Minnesota Vikings – Jesse Williams DT Alabama

A big DT (6’4, 320) that can play in the 4-3 or 3-4.  More of a space eater than pass rusher.

84. Cincinnati Bengals – Da’Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech

WR Rodgers started off at Tennessee; he was kicked off the team then transferred to Tech. (6’2, 205) Rodgers is a big physical WR with good speed.  Upside, character concerns with round 1 talent.  At the combine he was compared to Dez Bryant by several analysts. *Stock up: Great combine

85. Washington Redskins – Dallas Thomas OG/OT Tennessee

Thomas looks like he will kick inside to Guard or RT (6’5, 305/Guard, RT)

86. Indianapolis Colts – David Bakhtiari OT/OG Colorado

Looks like he will move to Left Guard.  *Stock up, Combine buzz, Round 2 or 3.

87. Seattle Seahawks – Sio Moore OLB Connecticut

Stock up, good Senior Bowl, Great Combine. Round 2-3.

88. Green Bay Packers – David Quessenberry, OT/G/C San Jose State

Stock up, versatile/interior O-Line

89. Houston Texans – Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati

Stock up for play, Stock down for off the field issues.  Scout called him a train wreck.  He has round 1 talent.

90. Denver Broncos – Sanders Commings CB Georgia 

Stock up

91. New England Patriots – Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse

Stock up: Great Combine, physical freak.  Big hitting safety in the mold of Bob Sanders.  He’s overcome a lot in his personal life (lost both parents during college and now cares for his 5 siblings).  Mature beyond his years, he’s going to be a success story in the NFL.  *Move up/Round 2/3


92. Atlanta Falcons – Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M

Stock up (6’1, 205).  Great Combine, 2nd round buzz.

93. San Francisco 49ers – William Gholston DE/DT Michigan St

Better fit in the 3-4 D as 5 Technique.

94. Baltimore Ravens –
Brian Schwenke C California

Stock up


95. Houston Texans (comp) Marc Anthony CB California

Round 3 or 4.


96. Kansas City Chiefs (comp) Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia

Stock up.  A very fast (5’10, 190) slot receiver with great hands and big play ability.


97. Tennessee Titans (comp) Michael Buchanan DE Illinois

Stock up

Round 4


98. Jacksonville – TJ McDonald FS USC

Stock up, big/physical safety.  Stock down: game tape.  Needs to take better angles on WR/TE when playing centerfield.

99. Kansas City – Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon

Rising Middle Linebacker prospect.

100. Oakland – Sam Montgomery DE/OLB LSU

Stock down.  Not as productive as you would think while playing on the most talented D-Line in College Football.  LSU coaches are saying he doesn’t work hard, big red flag.  *Admitted to gabling with teammates at LSU and not playing as hard vs. lesser competition.  Unbelievable, someone needs to talk to this guy.  Stock way down.

101. Philadelphia – Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin

Right Tackle

102. Minnesota (via Lions) – Akeem Spence DT Illinois

Stock up, solid Combine

103. Arizona – Leon McFadden CB SD St.

104. Cleveland – Devin Taylor DE/OLB South Carolina

Underrated DE, overshadowed by next year’s top pick J. Clowney.  *Stock up, Combine

105. Buffalo – Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M

Stock down.  4-3 OLB

106. New York Jets – Christine Michael RB Texas A&M

*Stock up, great combine.  Impressive speed, character concerns.

107. Tennessee – Jordan Reed TE Florida

Stock up (Aaron Hernandez is training Reed).  Former QB still learning the position, Aaron Hernandez comparisons are out there.*Combine: Stock down, checked in shorter and lighter

108. Carolina – Earl Wolff SS North Carolina State

Stock up Round 3-4.

109. New Orleans – Bacarri Rambo FS Georgia

Playmaker/ball hawk

110. San Diego –
Markus Wheaton WR Oregon St

Combine: Stock up

111. Miami –
Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida

Stock up, great Combine

112. Tampa Bay – B.W. Webb CB William & Mary

Stock up, more CB help.

113. St. Louis – Gerald Hodges OLB Penn State

114. Dallas – Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State

A big (6’2, 240) RB, more than just a power back with improved receiving skills out of the backfield.  *Stock up: Great combine

115. Pittsburgh – Kevin Reddick ILB North Carolina

Stock up, weak ILB draft class could push him up boards

116. New York Giants – Barrett Jones C/G/T Alabama

Jones is the most versatile O-Lineman in the draft and has played all 5 positions along the line.  He plays through injuries and has a fiery personality to go along with his aggressive interior O-Line play.  *Injuries may be more serious now and could push him down.

117. Chicago – Dwayne Gratz CB Connecticut

Stock up, great combine.

118. Cincinnati – Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma

In the box, big hitting safety

119. Washington – Kwame Geathers DT Georgia

120. Minnesota – Mike Gillislee, RB Florida

Home run hitting RB/speed back

121. Indianapolis – Zaviar Gooden OLB Missouri

*Stock way up, great Combine.  Fastest 40 time for all linebackers.

122. Green Bay – Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

If not for injuries he would be a 1st round pick.  Special talent, unfortunate injuries over the last two years have cost him.  Could go as high as round 2.  I’m a big fan.  *Stock up: Sounds like his recovery is way ahead of schedule.

123. Seattle –Alvin Bailey G Arkansas

Could go in the 3rd round

124. Houston – Oday Aboushi OT Virginia

Stock down as a Left Tackle after being pushed around at Senior Bowl.  Will land at left guard/right tackle if he can’t play Left Tackle.  Virginia has put out a lot of solid OL prospects.

125. Denver –
Brian Winters, OT/G Kent State

126. Tampa Bay – Morgan Breslin DE/OLB USC

127. Atlanta – Vance McDonald TE Rice

*Stock up, Round 3/4.  Great Combine, Jason Witten comparisons.

128. San Francisco -
Everett Dawkins, DT Florida State

129. Baltimore – Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU

Stock up after impressive Combine, anywhere from round 2-5.  Elite ball/return skills, 4.5 40 yard dash.  Who will take a chance on him?


130. Baltimore (comp) Brennan Williams OT North Carolina

Raw LT prospect, Upside pick


131. San Francisco (comp) Denard Robinson WR/KR Michigan

Former QB, learning the WR position.  Better combine than I expected, clearly putting in the work.


132. Detroit (comp) Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma

Stock up


133. Atlanta (comp) Brandon McGee CB Miami (Fla.)

Stock up, nice Combine.  Great speed but undersized.  I’m a fan.

Round 5

134. Kansas City – Zac Dysert QB Miami Ohio

Inconsistent QB who shows flashes, a team could take a chance on him in Round 3 or 4.

135. Jacksonville - Cyril Richardson G/OT Baylor

136. Philadelphia - Tharold Simon CB LSU

A big CB (6’3), mixed review from scouts.

137. Detroit - Trevardo Williams OLB Connecticut

*Stock up, could go Round 2/3.  Great Combine

138. Seattle (Oakland) – Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

Stock up

139. Cleveland - Jackson Jeffcoat DE/OLB Texas

140. Arizona – Phillip Thomas FS Fresno St

Stock up, Round 3/4.  Rising Safety prospect at a position of need.

141. New York Jets - Reid Fragel OT Ohio State

Stock up, Right Tackle

142. Tennessee – Will Davis CB Utah State

Stock up, underrated corner.

143. Buffalo – Jordan Hill, DT Penn State

144. New Orleans - Chase Thomas OLB Stanford

Stock down, non-stop motor.  Limited athletic ability but makes plays.

145. San Diego – Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford

Stock down after the Combine (5’9, 216).

146. Miami - Josh Boyd DT Mississippi State

147. Tampa Bay - Andre Ellington RB Clemson

Explosive, speed back.  Clemson continues to turn out RB’s.

148. Carolina - Shawn Williams SS Georgia

149. St. Louis – Ryan Otten TE San Jose State

Stock up

150. Pittsburgh – Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois

Stock up, big physical corner.

151. Dallas – Chris Faulk OT LSU

152. New York Giants – Cory Grissom DT South Florida

South Florida is really sending some good prospects too the next level.

153. Chicago – A.J. Klein ILB Iowa State

154. Washington – Adrian Bushell CB Louisville

155. Minnesota - Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB Florida St

A big time talent who drops coming off injury.  Nice Upside

156. Cincinnati - Hugh Thornton OG Illinois

157. San Francisco (Colts) - Khaled Holmes C USC

158. Seattle - DeVonte Holloman OLB South Carolina

159. Green Bay - Duke Williams SS Nevada

160. Houston - Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

Stock down, awful Senior Bowl

161. Denver - Nick Kasa TE Colorado

Stock up

162. Washington (Patriots) - Jordan Mills OT Louisiana Tech

163. Atlanta - Omoregie Uzzi OG Georgia Tech

164. Cleveland (San Francisco) - Josh Boyce WR TCU

165. Baltimore - Cobi Hamilton WR Arkansas

Round 4/5.  (6’3, 200).  Poor Combine.


166. Miami Dolphins (comp) Xavier Nixon, OT Florida

Raw but very talented O-Tackle prospect.


167. Green Bay Packers (comp) Wes Horton DE/OLB Southern California


168. Baltimore Ravens (comp) John Simon DE/OLB Ohio St


Round 6

169. Jacksonville Jaguars - Montori Hughes NT/DT Tennessee-Martin

170. Kansas City Chiefs - Nico Johnson ILB Alabama

171. Detroit Lions - Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma State

Stock down (6’0, 200).

172. Oakland Raiders - Malliciah Goodman DE/OLB Clemson

173. Cleveland Browns (via Philadelphia Eagles) - Luke Marquardt OT Azusa Pacific

174. Oakland Raiders (Arizona Cardinals) - Josh Evans FS Florida

Josh Evans was over shadowed by Matt Elam but he’s a very good FS prospect.

175. San Francisco 49ers (Cleveland Browns) - Marquess Wilson WR Washington State

176. Arizona Cardinals (via Vikings) (Tennessee) - Bruce Taylor ILB Virginia Tech

177. Buffalo Bills - J.C. Tretter OG Cornell

Stock up

178. New York Jets - Joseph Fauria TE UCLA

Huge TE at 6’7.  Red zone threat with NFL bloodlines.

179. San Diego Chargers - Matt Scott QB Arizona

*Stock up.  Interesting QB, who could be looked at as read option project QB.

180. San Francisco 49ers (From Miami) - Dustin Hopkins K Florida State

181. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Alex Hurst OT LSU

182. Carolina Panthers - Brandon Bishop FS N.C State  

183. New Orleans Saints - Zeke Motta FS Notre Dame

Stock down, speed questions

184. St. Louis Rams - Knile Davis RB Arkansas

*Stock up: Great combine, elite speed.  Character/fumbling concerns.  1st round talent but a lot of issues.

185. Dallas Cowboys - Lavar Edwards DE LSU

Stock up, good Combine

186. Pittsburgh Steelers - Levine Toilolo TE Stanford

A giant TE and immediate red zone threat. (6’8,250)

187. New York Giants - Dion Sims TE Michigan State

More of a blocker than pass catcher at this stage.

188. Chicago Bears - Braxton Cave C Notre Dame

189. Minnesota Vikings - Sean Renfree QB Duke

*Stock up, Lots of buzz as this year’s sleeper QB

190. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Gragg TE Arkansas   

Stock up: Great combine, fastest 40. H-Back type.

191. Washington Redskins - Vince Williams ILB Florida State

192. Indianapolis Colts - Jawan Jamison RB Rutgers

*Stock down: change of pace back.  Poor combine

193. Green Bay Packers - Travis Long OLB Washington State

194. Seattle Seahawks - Ace Sanders WR South Carolina

Stock up

195. Houston Texans - Tavarres King WR Georgia

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Philadelphia Eagles) (From Denver) - Michael Williams TE Alabama

197. Cincinnati Bengals (From New England) - Kerwynn Williams RB Utah St

Stock up

198. Atlanta Falcons - Michael Mauti OLB Penn State

Coming off injury, round 3-4 talent.

199. Baltimore Ravens (49ers-Boldin) - Jasper Collins WR Mount Union

Stock up. D3 standout.

200. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Kruger DE Utah

Stock up, solid combine.  Brother is Ravens DE Paul Kruger


201. Houston Texans (comp) Lonnie Pryor FB Florida State  


202. Tennessee Titans (comp) Jeff Baca OG/C UCLA


203. Baltimore Ravens (comp) Walter Stewart DE/OLB Cincinnati

Stewart is trying to overcome a spine issue which could end his career.  If he checks out medically he is a top 50 prospect.  Big “If” but you have to root for this guy


204. Kansas City Chiefs (comp) David Bass DE Missouri Western State


205. Oakland Raiders (comp) Carrington Byndom CB Texas



206. Pittsburgh Steelers (comp) Robert Lester SS Alabama

Stock down, coverage concerns.  Rookie wall concerns.


Round 7

207. Kansas City Chiefs - Josh Johnson CB Purdue

208. Jacksonville Jaguars - Miguel Maysonet RB Stony Brook

209. Arizona Cardinals (Oakland Raiders) - Micah Hyde CB Iowa

210. Philadelphia Eagles - Nickell Robey CB USC

Smaller CB, good slot corner.

211. Detroit Lions - Earl Watford OG James Madison

212. Philadelphia Eagles (via Cleveland Browns) - Chris Harper WR Kansas State

Round 4-5

213. Minnesota Vikings (via Arizona Cardinals) - Sam Brenner OG Utah  

214. Seattle Seahawks (From Buffalo) - Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio State

215. New York Jets - Marcus Cromartie CB Wisconsin

216. Tennessee Titans - Brad Sorensen QB Southern Utah

Buzz as a sleeper QB prospect.

217. Miami Dolphins - Cooper Taylor SS Richmond 

218. New England Patriots (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Keith Pough OLB Howard

219. Oakland Raiders (From Carolina) - Terrence Brown CB Stanford  

220. Seattle Seahawks (via Saints) - Quanterus Smith DE/OLB Western Kentucky

221. San Diego Chargers - Garrett Gilkey OG Chadron State  

222. St. Louis Rams - Tobias Palmer WR NC State

223. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ty Powell, LB Harding

224. Miami Dolphins (From Dallas) - Demetrius McCray CB Appalachian State

Round 4 or 5.

225. New York Giants - Ray Graham RB Pittsburgh

Solid #2 RB option at the next level.

226. Philadelphia Eagles (via Tampa Bay)(From Chicago) – Steve Beauharnais ILB Rutgers

227. San Francisco 49ers (From Cincinnati) – Collin Klein QB Kansas State

Teams want him at TE, he wants to stay at QB

228. Washington Redskins – Gilbert Pena DT Mississippi  

229. Minnesota Vikings - Conner Vernon WR Duke

Scouts love him, met with all 32 teams at the combine.  

230. Philadelphia Eagles (Indianapolis Colts) - Theo Riddick RB Notre Dame

231. Minnesota Vikings (Seahawks-Harvin) – William Campbell DT Michigan   

232. Green Bay Packers - Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt

Aaron Rodgers younger brother

233. Houston Texans – Meshak Williams OLB Kansas State 

234. Denver Broncos – Onterio McCalebb RB Auburn

235. New England Patriots - Lerentee McCray OLB Florida  

236. Atlanta Falcons –Rod Sweeting CB Georgia Tech

237. Cleveland Browns (San Francisco 49ers) - Kapron Lewis-Moore DE Notre Dame

238. Baltimore Ravens – Rashard Hall FS Clemson


239. Philadelphia Eagles (comp) Emmett Cleary OT Boston College


240. Cincinnati Bengals (comp) Darius Smith DT Miami (FL)


241. Seattle Seahawks (comp) Kayvon Webster CB South Florida


242. Seattle Seahawks (comp) Aaron Mellette WR Elon 


243. Atlanta Falcons (comp) Stansly Maponga DE TCU


244. Atlanta Falcons (comp) Caleb Sturgis K Florida  


245. Detroit Lions (comp) John Wetzel RT Boston College


246. San Francisco 49ers (comp) Vinston Painter OG Virginia Tech


247. Baltimore Ravens (comp) Manase Foketi OT West Texas A&M


248. Tennessee Titans (comp) Alec Lemon WR Syracuse  


249. Atlanta Falcons (comp) Aaron Hester CB UCLA


250. Miami Dolphins (comp) Braden Brown OT BYU  


251. Cincinnati Bengals (comp) Mychal Rivera TE Tennessee


252. San Francisco 49ers (comp) Stacy McGee DT Oklahoma


253. New York Giants (comp) Rontez Miles FS California (PA)


254. Indianapolis Colts (comp) John Lotulelie OLB UNLV



*End Round 7*



*Best Available Players*

Mike Catapano DE Princeton

Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard

Quinton Dial DE/DT Alabama

Uzoma Nwachukwu WR Texas A&M  

Brandon Kaufman WR Eastern Washington

Rodney Smith WR Florida State

Greg Reid CB Valdosta State

Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas

Mark Jackson OT Glenville State

Jordan Devey RT Memphis

Sam Brenner OG Utah

Eric Herman OG Ohio

Philip Lutzenkirchen TE Auburn

Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada

Stefphon Jefferson RB Nevada

Dennis Johnson RB Arkansas

Montel Harris RB Boston College

Spencer Ware RB LSU

Brandon Sharpe OLB Syracuse  

Bradley McDougald FS Kansas

Daimion Stafford S Nebraska

Kenny Tate OLB/S Maryland

Dalton Freeman C Clemson

Keenan Davis WR Iowa

Justice Cunningham TE South Carolina

Brad Wing P LSU 

Nick Williams DE/DT Samford

Jason Weaver OT Southern Miss

Tommy Bohanon FB Wake Forest

Zach Rogers WR Tennessee

Ray Ray Armstrong SS Miami


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