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                                                        DRAFT GRADES

                                      Grades and Comments 2011 NFL Draft

1.Carolina Panthers -  C

Panthers C

1. Cam Newton, quarterback, Auburn.
65. Terrell McClain, defensive tackle, South Florida.
97. Sione Fua, defensive tackle, Stanford.
98. Brandon Hogan, cornerback, West Virginia.
132. Kealoha Pilares, wide receiver, Hawaii.
166. Lawrence Wilson, linebacker, UConn.
203. Zachary Williams, guard/center, Washington State.
244. Lee Ziemba, tackle, Auburn.

It’s the Cam Newton Draft, he doesn’t compare to anyone in the NFL.  Can he go from the spread offense with no terminology to a pro system with advanced terminology?  Honestly, no one knows.  My problem is, will they rush him to start?  I think they will and that could ruin his career.  They had many needs but I don’t see any impact players outside of Newton, IF, they let him develop.  McClain could be the young DT they need and UConn LB Wilson was great value.

2. Denver Broncos -  A-

Denver Broncos A-

2. Von Miller, linebacker, Texas A & M.
45. Rahim Moore, safety, UCLA.
46. Orlando Franklin, tackle, Miami.
67. Nate Irving, linebacker, N.C. State.
108. Quinton Carter, safety, Oklahoma.
129. Julius Thomas, tight end, Portland St.
189. Mike Mohamed, linebacker, California.
204. Virgil Green, tight end, Nevada.
247. Jeremy Beal, defensive end, Oklahoma.

Miller is the best 3-4 LB in the draft, it’s a shame Denver is switching to the 4-3 Defense so we’ll see how they use him, he’s still an impact SAM linebacker.  Moore was the #1 Safety and is ready to play, Franklin from The U can start at RT or Guard and Irving is a steal at LB.  Two 7th round steals with TE Green and DE Beal.  Still need to find a DT.

3.Buffalo Bills - A

Buffalo Bills A

3. Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle, Alabama.
34. Aaron Williams, cornerback, Texas.
68. Kelvin Sheppard, linebacker, LSU.
100. Da'Norris Searcy, safety, UNC.
122. Chris Hairston, tackle, Clemson.
133. Johnny White, running back, UNC.
169. Chris White, linebacker, Mississippi St.
206. Justin Rogers, cornerback, Richmond.
245. Michael Jasper, defensive tackle, Bethel (TN.)

Dareus is the top DT prospect in the draft and can play DT in the 43 and DE in the 34, he’s going to be a beast. Williams can start right away at CB and play Safety.  ILB Sheppard is a big thumper who can start early.  Very good draft

4.Cincinnati Bengals - A-


Cincinnati Bengals A-

4. A.J. Green, wide receiver, Georgia.
35. Andy Dalton, quarterback, TCU.
66. Dontay Moch, defensive end, Nevada.
101. Clint Boling, guard/tackle, Georgia.
134. Robert Sands, safety, West Virginia.
167. Ryan Whalen, wide receiver, Stanford.
207. Korey Lindsey, cornerback, S. Illinois.
246. Jay Finley, running back, Baylor.

They get the #1 WR prospect in Green and a QB that fits Jay Gruden’s system perfectly with Dalton.  D. Moch is a pass rushing stud and Boling can start at guard from day one. Safety R. Sands was again great value and a future starter.  Another great draft for the Bengals

5.Arizona Cardinals - B+

Arizona Cardinals B+

5. Patrick Peterson, cornerback, LSU.
38. Ryan Williams, running back, Virginia Tech.
69. Rob Housler, tight end, Florida Atlantic.
103. Sam Acho, linebacker, Texas.
136. Anthony Sherman, fullback, UConn.
171. Quan Sturdivant, linebacker, North Carolina.
184. David Carter, defensive end, UCLA.
246. DeMarco Sampson, wide receiver, San Diego State.

They were not taking a QB and want a Vet for Larry Fitz.  They got the best overall player in Peterson at #5 and a new  RB in Ryan Williams.  DE/OLB Sam Acho is a bit undersized but can get to the QB and is a poor man’s Brian Orakpo.  North Carolina ILB Quan Sturdivant was a steal in the 6th.  It sounds like they are interested in QB's Bulger/Kolb and Orton.

6. Cleveland Browns - A-

Cleveland Browns A-

21. Phil Taylor, nose tackle, Baylor.
37. Jabaal Sheard, defensive end, Pittsburgh.
59. Greg Little, wide receiver, UNC.
102. Jordan Cameron, tight end, USC.
124. Owen Marecic, fullback/linebacker, Stanford.
137. Buster Skrine, cornerback, UT-Chattanooga.
150. Jason Pinkston, guard, Pittsburgh.
248. Eric Hagg, safety, Nebraska.

The Browns got a ton of picks in two drafts for Julio Jones and had a great 2011 draft.  They got their DT and DE with the first two picks and a steal with WR Greg Little who will remind you of NY Giants Hakeem Nicks.  In time TE J. Cameron could become the vertical threat they need over the middle with Little on the outside.   Just great value and extra picks next year.

7. San Francisco 49ers - C

San Francisco 49ers C

7. Aldon Smith, linebacker, Missouri.
36. Colin Kaepernick, quarterback, Nevada.
80. Chris Culliver, cornerback, South Carolina.
115. Kendall Hunter, running back, Oklahoma State.
163. Daniel Kilgore, guard, Appalachian State.
182. Ronald Johnson, wide receiver, USC.
190. Colin Jones, safety, TCU.
211. Bruce Miller, linebacker, Central Florida.
239. Mike Person, tackle/guard, Montana State.
250. Curtis Holcomb, cornerback, Florida A&M.

If A. Smith continues to develope he could be a star at OLB  like Giants 2010 1st round pick Jason Pierre Paul was at DE.  Jim Harbaugh found a quarterback he can develop with Kaepernick in Round 2.  RB Hunter could be a Jammal Charles type in time SF.

8. Tennessee Titans - B-

Tennessee Titans B-

8. Jake Locker, quarterback, Washington.
39. Akeem Ayers, linebacker, UCLA.
77. Jurrell Casey, defensive tackle, USC.
109. Colin McCarthy, linebacker, Miami.
130. Jamie Harper, running back, Clemson.
142. Karl Klug, defensive end Iowa.
175. Byron Stingily, tackle, Louisville.
212. Zach Clayton, defensive tackle, Auburn.
251. Tommie Campbell, cornerback, California (PA).

I’m a Locker fan and with a good O-Line where he doesn’t have to run for his life and throw on the run I think he can be great, in time.  He needs to improve his accuracy and a great O-line where he can set his feet will help. I like the Ayers pick at OLB, he’s a 1st round talent.  Casey is also a talented kid who, in time, could be a good DT.  ILB McCarthy could be a steal in the 4th.

9. Dallas Cowboys - C-

Dallas Cowboys C-
9. Tyron Smith, tackle, USC.
40. Bruce Carter, linebacker, North Carolina.
71. DeMarco Murray, running back, Oklahoma.
110. David Arkin, tackle/guard, Missouri State.
143. Josh Thomas, cornerback, Buffalo.
176. Dwayne Harris, wide receiver, East Carolina.
220. Shaun Chapas, fullback, Georgia.
252. Bill Nagy, center/guard, Wisconsin.

T. Smith could be the solution for them at left tackle if he develops he can start at RT from day one. Dallas went linebacker and running back in Rounds 2 and 3,  I'm a big fan of Bruce Carter and when healthy he's a 1st round talent but plays the same position as Sean Lee and may be a better fit as a 4-3 OLB. They still have 3 RB’s in house so it looks like Barber is gone with the addition of Murray. They really needed major upgrades at DE/CB/S. Nothing special here outside of Smith and Carter when he gets healthy.

10. Washington Redskins - C

Washington Redskins C

16. Ryan Kerrigan, linebacker, Purdue.
41. Jarvis Jenkins, defensive end, Clemson.
79. Leonard Hankerson, wide receiver, Miami.
105. Roy Helu, running back, Nebraska.
146. DeJon Gomes, safety, Nebraska.
155. Niles Paul, wide receiver, Nebraska.
177. Evan Royster, running back, Penn State.
178. Aldrick Robinson, wide receiver, SMU.
213. Brandyn Thompson, cornerback, Boise State.
217. Maurice Hurt, guard, Florida.
224. Markus White, linebacker, Florida State.
253. Chris Neild, nose tackle, West Virginia.

Kerrigan gives them a high motor guy opposite Orakpo. WR Hankerson is  a steal. He gives them something they really don't have on the roster now, a good WR. You have to assume Mike Shanahan thinks a lot of RB Helu, given the trade up to get him. Not many difference makers but they filled needs, except QB.

11. Houston Texans - A-

Houston Texans A-

11. J.J. Watt, defensive end, Wisconsin.
42. Brooks Reed, defensive end, Arizona.
60. Brandon Harris, cornerback, Miami.
127. Rashad Carmichael, cornerback, Virginia Tech.
144. Shiloh Keo, safety, Idaho.
152. Taylor Yates, quarterback, UNC.
214. Derek Newton, tackle/guard, Arkansas St.
254. Cheta Ozougwu, outside linebacker, Rice.

Watt is a high motor defensive end who will fit that 3-4 scheme and Reed is the outside rusher they needed in the mold of Clay Matthews . The Texans then went to the secondary, a disaster in 2010, adding CB Harris (The U) was a great pick, Carmichael and Keo could develope as starters at CB and SS.  A pass rush is the best remedy for a poor secondary and they filled that need.  Mario Williams will now try and play the 3-4 OLB in Wade's new scheme


12. Minnesota Vikings – B+

Minnesota Vikings B+

12. Christian Ponder, quarterback, Florida State.
43. Kyle Rudolph, tight end, Notre Dame.
106. Christian Ballard, defensive tackle, Iowa.
139. Brandon Burton, cornerback, Utah.
168. DeMarcus Love, tackle/guard, Arkansas.
170. Mistral Raymond, defensive back, South Florida.
172. Brandon Fusco, center, Slippery Rock.
200. Ross Homan, linebacker, Ohio State.
215. D'Aundre Reed, defensive end, Arizona.
236. Stephen Burton, wide receiver, West Texas A&M.

Wait for it…Christian Ponder will have, by far, the best rookie season of any QB drafted. Say it.  Was he a reach at 12?  Yup.  But you can’t trade down if you don’t have a trade partner.  Ponder is pro ready, no spread offense, no shotgun problems.  He’s the perfect fit for the Vikings.  TE Rudolph was the #1 TE and now they can run two TE sets like the Pats did last year.  DT/DE Ballard was a second round talent who fell because he tested positive for pot at the combine.  CB Burton is the corner they need and again was great value.  RT D. Love is a mountain and can play guard or right tackle.  Fusco is a center from Slippery Rock and could be the new starter over Sullivan. Homan is a good LB from Ohio State and a steal in the 6th.  Ponder has the best RB in football, two solid TE’s and WR Rice and Percy Harvin.  He just needs to stay healthy and he’s the guy.


13. Detroit Lions - B

Detroit Lions  B

13. Nick Fairley, defensive tackle, Auburn.
44. Titus Young, wide receiver, Boise State.
57. Mikel Leshoure, running back, Illinois.
157. Doug Hogue, linebacker, Syracuse.
209. Johnny Culbreath, tackle, South Carolina State.

Great value with their first 3 picks. Fairley with Suh now become an elite DT combo, they can even move Suh out to DE on some packages. Titus Young is the slot WR in the mold of DeSean Jackson and RB Leshoure can be the #1 RB with Best the 3rd down back.  The problem is their two biggest needs where CB and OL and where ignored but the first 3 picks give them a good grade.


14. St. Louis Rams - B

St. Louis Rams B

14. Robert Quinn, defensive end, North Carolina.
47. Lance Kendricks, tight end, Wisconsin.
78. Austin Pettis, wide receiver, Boise State.
112. Greg Salas, wide receiver, Hawaii.
158. Jermale Hines, safety, Ohio State.
216. Mikail Baker, returner, Baylor.
228. Jabara Williams, linebacker, Stephen F. Austin.
229. Jonathan Nelson, safety, Oklahoma.

They got my favorite pass rusher in DE R. Quinn. He is a top 5 talent and to get him at No. 14 is a steal . Then St. Louis immediately started targeting solutions in the passing game. Kendricks, Pettis and Salas could all help Bradford.  They really need to find a #2 RB and more O-Line help.

15. Miami Dolphins - D

Miami Dolphins D

15. Mike Pouncey, guard/center, Florida.
62. Daniel Thomas, running back, Kansas St.
111. Edmond Gates, wide receiver, Abilene Christian.
174. Charles Clay, tight end, Tulsa.
231. Frank Kearse, defensive tackle, Alabama A&M.
235. Jimmy Wilson, cornerback, Montana.

Miami went after needs rather than value. Pouncey should start at guard, he can’t play center like his brother. Thomas is a solid running back who could be the starter with Brown and Williams leaving via FA but they gace up 3 picks to get him. Not a great Draft, the only impact player could be RB Thomas and no new QB.


16. Jacksonville Jaguars - D

Jacksonville Jaguars D

10. Blaine Gabbert, quarterback, Missouri.
76. Will Rackley, guard, Lehigh.
114. Cecil Shorts, wide receiver, Mt. Union.
121. Chris Prosinski, safety, Wyoming.
147. Rod Issac, cornerback, Middle Tennessee St.

I don’t see anything that will help the Jags this year.  The key is Gabbert and can he transition from the spread offense(if they wanted a spread QB, why not take Tebow last year?).  Rackley is a small school OT who will move to guard and Shorts could be another solid WR from Mount Union. They need help at DE and Corner and I don’t see anything.


17. New England Patriots B+

New England Patriots B+

17. Nate Solder, tackle, Colorado.
33. Ras-I Dowling, corerback, Virginia.
56. Shane Vereen, running back, California.
73. Stevan Ridley, running back, LSU.
74. Ryan Mallett, quarterback Arkansas.
138. Marcus Cannon, guard, TCU.
159. Lee Smith, tight end, Marshall.
194. Markell Carter, linebacker, Central Arkansas.
219. Malcolm Williams, cornerback, TCU.

The Pats do it again.  They get the Saints 2012 1st round pick and the Raiders 2nd round pick(which once again could be the first pick of round two next year.  Someone needs to help the Raiders with these trades with the Pats, it’s like Al Davis owes BB money or something.  The Patriots needed offensive line help in a couple of spots, and they got an athletic 6’8” monster in LT N.Solder a former TE with great feet.  Solder and Vollmer are now the bookends for years to come.  OG Cannon is a massive guard who saw his stock slip when teams found a non-cancerous mass in his stomach, from all reports he will be fine and the Pats now have a new Left side of the O-Line.  RB Shane Vereen is a younger version of Kevin Faulk and can be the 3rd down back.  Now to QB Ryan Mallett, who was great value in the 3rd.  His stock went down when rumors arose that he liked to party( A college kid who likes to party???  Shocking!)  It never hurt him on the field and he has everything you want in a QB except foot speed.  So he’s either the heir to Brady or a future 1st round pick either way it’s a good pick and we now know that the Dolfins where trying to move up to get him.  CB Dowling would have a first round pick if he had stayed healthy.  The only reason this grade isn’t an A+ is because they didn’t find the 3-4 rush outside linebacker but it sounds like BB expects big things from second year player J. Cunningham.

18. San Diego Chargers - C+

San Diego Chargers C+

18.Corey Liuget, defensive end, Illinois.
50. Marcus Gilchrist, cornerback, Clemson.
61. Jonas Mouton, linebacker, Michigan.
82. Vincent Brown, wide receiver, San Diego St.
89. Shareece Wright, corerback, USC.
183. Jordan Todman, running back, UConn.
201. Steve Schilling, guard, Michigan.
234. Andrew Gachkar, outside linebacker, Missouri.

Liuget can play DE in the 3-4 but is better suited as a 4-3 DT either way it was a great value pick, Gilchrist and Wright both can get on the field for the Chargers at corner. RB Todman was a steal at RB.  Mouton upgrades the LB corps.

19. New York Giants - A+

New York Giants A+

19. Prince Amukamara, cornerback, Nebraska.
52. Marvin Austin, defensive tackle, North Carolina.
83. Jerrel Jernigan, wide receiver, Troy.
117. James Brewer, tackle, Indiana.
185. Greg Jones, linebacker, Michigan State.
198. Tyler Sash, safety, Iowa.
202. Jacquian Williams, linebacker, South Florida.
221. Da'Rel Scott, running back, Maryland.

The Giants got some serious value with their first two picks. Amukamara was the second best cover corner in the draft and fell due to the QB run, he can start as the 3# CB right away he’s already better than Aaron Ross. And Austin has top 15 talent but was suspended last year for taking plain tickets from an agent.  Jernigan is a flyer and could work the slot and help in the return game. OT  Brewer came out early and is a project but he has the feet to play LT.  Greg Jones had a bad senior year because he bulked up too much now he can slim down and get back to the quicker cover 2 LB the Giants need, he could be the starting MLB early. RB Scott is a speed back and could pay early dividends if he can hang onto the football.


20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - A-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers A-

20. Adrian Clayborn, defensive end, Iowa.
51. Da'Quan Bowers, defensive end, Clemson.
84. Mason Foster, linebacker, Washington.
104. Luke Stocker, tight end, Tennessee.
151. Ahmad Black, safety, Florida.
187. Allen Bradford, running back, USC.
222. Anthony Gaitor, cornerback, Florida International.
238. Daniel Hardy, tight end, Idaho.

Last year, the Bucs made it clear that the defensive line was a key, drafting defensive tackles with their first two picks.  Now they go after two starting DE’s in Clayborn and the value risk/reward pick of Bowers.  Foster is an underrated LB and S Ahmad Black doesn’t have great measurable but can be a good starting Safety in time.  TE Stocker was good value and will help out Freeman.


21. Kansas City Chiefs -  B

Kansas City Chiefs B

26. Jonathan Baldwin, wide receiver, Pittsburgh.
55. Rodney Hudson, guard, Florida St.
70. Justin Houston, linebacker, Georgia.
86. Allen Bailey, defensive end, Miami.
118. Jalil Brown, cornerback, Colorado.
135. Ricky Stanzi, quarterback, Iowa.
140. Gabe Miller, outside linebacker, Oregon St.
199. Jerrell Powe, defensive tackle, Mississippi.
223. Shane Bannon, running back, Yale.

A Risky draft but I like the upside.  Baldwin is a big/talented WR and a boom or bust player. The Chiefs also need a center and Hudson is a good one who can step in there. DE/OLB Houston fell due to off-the-field concerns but his talent level is far higher than his draft slot, and DE Bailey( The U) is an intriguing player because he has a lot of talent, but had a poor senior year in terms of production he could be a great steal if he lives up to his measurable. QB Stanzi is a decent value in Round 5. Solid draft


22. Indianapolis Colts - B-

Colts B-
(1)22Anthony Castonzo OT
(2)49Benjamin Ijalana  OT/OG
(3)87Drake Nevis  DT
(4)119Delone Carter  RB
(6)188Chris Rucker  DE

The Colts wanted to protect Manning and got pro ready Castonzo who can start day one at LT. Ijalana can convert to guard or RT and be effective. Indy also needed help on the defensive interior and got a pretty good value fit with Nevis in the third round.


23. Philadelphia Eagles - B


Philadelphia Eagles B

23. Danny Watkins, guard/tackle, Baylor.
54. Jaiquawn Jarrett, safety, Temple.
90. Curtis Marsh, cornerback, Utah State.
116. Casey Matthews, linebacker, Oregon.
120. Alex Henery, kicker/punter, Nebraska.
149. Dion Lewis, running back, Pittsburgh.
161. Julian Vandervelde, guard/center, Iowa.
191. Jason Kelce, center, Cincinnati.
193. Brian Rolle, linebacker, Ohio State.
237. Greg Lloyd, linebacker, UConn.
240. Stanley Havili, fullback, USC.

The selection of Watkins surprised me with CB Jimmy Smith and RT Carimi still on the board. Watkins needs to be a day one starter at Guard or RT because he’s already 26 years old.  Jarrett provides depth at safety, and Marsh is a good corner prospect.  I did like the Matthews pick, he’s not his brother, but he’s a steady inside linebacker with a nose for the ball and making big plays.  They got steals at linebacker with Rolle and Lloyd(son of former Steeler great Greg Lloyd). Not sure about a kicker in the 4th.  Solid


24. New Orleans Saints - A-

New Orleans Saints A-

24. Cameron Jordan, defensive end, California.
28. Mark Ingram, running back, Alabama.
72. Martez Wilson, linebacker, Illinois.
88. Johnny Patrick, cornerback, Louisville.
226. Greg Romeus, defensive end, Pittsburgh.
243. Nate Bussey, linebacker, Illinois.

In Round 1, the team got a great value with DE Jordan at No. 24, then got the best running back in the draft by trading into the No. 28 pick to get Ingram. ILB Wilson fell in the Saints' laps at No. 72. CB Patrick is a nice prospect. DE Romeus has had injuries set him back but was once a 1st round prospect. He's a good risk late. They traded next year’s 1st to get Ingram.



25. Seattle Seahawks -F

Seattle Seahawks F

25. James Carpenter, tackle, Alabama.
75. John Moffitt, guard, Wisconsin.
99. K.J. Wright, linebacker, Mississippi State.
107. Kris Durham, wide receiver, Georgia.
154. Richard Sherman, defensive back, Stanford.
156. Mark LeGree, safety, Appalachian State.
173. Byron Maxwell, special teamer, Clemson.
205. Lazarius Levingston, defensive tackle, LSU.
242. Malcolm Smith, linebacker, USC.

Epic Fail.  Reach after reach after reach. RT Carpenter was not the best OT available and Moffitt is a great guard prospect but not for the Seahawks zone blocking scheme.  No impact players and no value gives you and F.


26. Baltimore Ravens - A-

Balimore Ravens A-

27. Jimmy Smith, cornerback, Colorado.
58. Torrey Smith, wide receiver, Maryland.
85. Jah Reid, tackle, Central Florida.
123. Tandon Doss, wide receiver, Indiana.
164. Chykie Brown, cornerback, Texas.
165. Pernell McPhee, defensive end, Mississippi State.
180. Tyrod Taylor, quarterback, Virginia Tech.
225. Anthony Allen, running back, Georgia Tech.

Great Value with CB Jimmy Smith who fell for off the field reasons but can be a #1 lockdown corner.  Put him in a locker room with Ray lewis and the crew and he’ll shape up.  They again got great value with speed WR Torrey Smith who can now stretch the field and open up the whole offense.   Reid is a mammoth OT who can play RT or kick inside.  QB Tyrod Taylor can be a jack of all trades player at QB/WR and RB.


27. Atlanta Falcons - C-

Atlanta Falcons C-

6. Julio Jones, wide receiver, Alabama.
91. Akeem Dent, linebacker, Georgia.
145. Jacquizz Rodgers, running back, Oregon State.
192. Matt Bosher, kicker, Miami.
210. Andrew Jackson, guard, Fresno State.
230. Cliff Matthews, defensive end, South Carolina.

To get Julio Jones they swapped 2011 1st round picks, gave up their 2nd and 4th in 2011. Then continued to give up next year’s 1st and 4th.  I think Jones is going to be very good but my question is:  If you brought this deal ( after the lockout ends) to Arizona could you have gotten Larry Fitzgerald??? Or some other top WR if you thought that was the biggest need.  I guess we’ll never know.  I thought their offence was already good, what they really needed was an impact DE opposite Abraham.  The Atlanta D is the problem not the Offense. I do like the change-of-pace that Rodgers can offer. He offers a pass-catching threat the Falcons can and maybe DE Matthews can turn into something.  They just gave up too much and could have waited for the lockout to end and try and trade for a Vet WR.


28. Oakland Raiders-  C

Oakland Raiders C

48. Stefen Wisniewski, guard, Penn St.
81. Demarcus Van Dyke, cornerback, Miami.
92. Joseph Barksdale, tackle, LSU.
113. Chimdi Chekwa, cornerback, Ohio St.
125. Taiwan Jones, running back, Eastern Washington.
148. Denarius Moore, wide receiver, Tennessee.
181. Richard Gordon, tight end, Miami.
241. David Ausberry, wide receiver, USC.

Stefen's uncle, Steve, was a great Raiders offensive lineman for 13 seasons. He can start at center from day one. CB Van Dyke makes sense as a Round 3 pick -- the Raiders need a corner with the likely departure of Nnamdi Asomugha and Van Dyke is the fastest guy in the draft. OT Joseph Barksdale is a good RT prospects


29. Chicago Bears - B

Chicago Bears B

29. Gabe Carimi, tackle, Wisconsin.
53. Stephen Paea, defensive tackle, Oregon State.
93. Chris Conte, safety, California.
160. Nate Enderle, quarterback, Idaho.
195. J.T. Thomas, linebacker, West Virginia.

I don’t know how Carimi fell to #29 but it was perfect for the Bears who need to protect Cutler.  He was a LT in college but look for him to be a dominate RT for the next 8-10 years.  DT was their other need and benchpress man S. Paea can take up two blockers and let the LB’s roam free.



30. New York Jets - B

New York Jets B

30. Muhammad Wilkerson, defensive end, Temple.
94. Kenrick Ellis, defensive tackle, Hampton.
126. Bilal Powell, running back, Louisville.
153. Jeremy Kerley, wide receiver, TCU.
208. Greg McElroy, quarterback, Alabama.
227. Scotty McKnight, wide receiver, Colorado.

The Jets got a brand new D-Line and someone who can get to the QB in 3-4 DE Muhammad Wilkerson.  If he had stayed in school he would have been a top 10 pick in 2012.  Ellis is the new Kris Jenkings and will occupy blockers to make David Harris’s life a lot easier.  Alabama’s QB McElroy is the perfect winning backup to Sanchez.  Now they just need to retain their FA and get an ouside linebacker to get after the QB so they don’t have to use the corner blitz as much.


31. Pittsburgh Steelers - B-

Pittsburgh Steelers B-

31. Cameron Heyward, defensive end, Ohio St.
63. Marcus Gilbert, tackle, Florida.
95. Curtis Brown, cornerback, Texas.
128. Cortez Allen, cornerback, Citadel.
162. Chris Carter, outside linebacker, Fresno St.
196. Keith Williams, guard, Nebraska.

They hit all their needs with a DE, OT and CB and didn’t reach.  In a few years OLB Chris Carter could be the next linebacker you start hearing about.  Always solid.


32. Green Bay Packers –C


Green Bay Packers C

32. Derek Sherrod, tackle, Mississippi State.
64. Randall Cobb, wide receiver, Kentucky.
96. Alex Green, running back, Hawaii.
131. Davon House, cornerback, New Mexico State.
141. D.J. Williams, tight end, Arkansas.
179. Caleb Schlauderaff, guard, Utah.
186. D.J. Smith, linebacker, Appalachian State.
197. Ricky Elmore, linebacker, Arizona.
218. Ryan Taylor, special teamer, North Carolina.
233. Lawrence Guy, defensive end, Arizona State.

An average draft, they get bookend tackles now with Sherrod and last year’s pick Bulaga.  WR Cobb will help at WR if James Jones leaves.  But they really needed a pass rusher opposite Clay Mathews.

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