Saturday, March 12, 2011

*Updated 3 Round Mock Draft*


 ---1--- Carolina Panthers --- QB - Blaine Gabbert – Missouri. 6’5” 235lbs

It looks like a QB will go #1 overall.  The new CBA will bring down the guaranteed money from 50mil. To 15-20mill. This will allow teams in the 1st round to take risks on players, especially QB’s even if they’re not deserving.  Rule #1:  If you don’t have a Franchise QB…get one.  Jimmy Clausen is not a franchise QB.  They could look Cam Newton here but I wouldn’t.  Marcell Dareus will also be considered.

 ---2--- Denver Broncos --- DT/DE - Marcell Dareus – Alabama. 6' 3" 306 lbs

With Denver moving back to the 4-3, Fox has to consider Dareus/Fairley/Bowers with this pick, DE/DT Marcell Dareus can line up and dominate in any scheme.  With the Broncos DE’s coming back healthy, I expect a DT here and Dareus is a beast and gets the edge over Nick Fairley.

---3--- Buffalo Bills --- CB - Patrick Peterson – LSU. 6' 1" 211 lbs

The cornerback position is definitely not the biggest need for the Bills. But Peterson is an elite talent and shutdown corner who can be a dangerous return man.  I could see DT/DE - Marcell Dareus here or North Carolina OLB Robert Quinn.

---4--- Cincinnati Bengals --- WR - A.J. Green – Georgia. 6' 4" 207 lbs.

TO is gone and If the Bengals get rid of Chad Johnson, this pick will be easy. WR A.J. Green is my #1 prospect.  I like the Bengals young DE’s Dunlup(Florida) and M. Johnson(GT)  but if Bowers slips and AJ Green goes #1 then DE Bowers is the pick as he will be too good to pass up.  I don’t expect Carson Palmer to go anywhere

---5--- Arizona Cardinals --- OLB - Von Miller - Texas A&M. 6' 4" 244 lbs.

I don’t think they go QB here and Von Miller was lights out at the Senior Bowl.  An amazing pass rusher, who we now know can drop into coverage, would fill a huge need for the Arizona pass rush. Other option is CB - Prince Amukumara – Nebraska or Robert Quinn OLB North Carolina.  Skelton or a vet QB should be the starting QB next year.

---6--- Cleveland Browns --- DE - DaQuan Bowers – Clemson. 6-4 281 lbs

With Cleveland moving back to the 4-3, they have to consider Bowers with this pick, as Bowers will remind some of J. Peppers.  WR is a big need but AJ Green is off the board and it’s a bit early for Julio Jones.

---7--- San Francisco 49ers --- OLB - Robert Quinn - North Carolina. 6' 4"267lbs.

QB and CB are needs but I can’t see Newton here but CB - Prince Amukumara is a real possibility.  Robert Quinn has the talent to go #1 overall but was ineligible for the 2010 season so he drops a little

---8--- Tennessee Titans --- DT - Nick Fairley – Auburn.  6' 4" 300 lbs

A QB and DT are the biggest needs.  Here need meets amazing value.  Fairley could go in the top 3 depending on team grades of the one year wonder.  I have him going lower than most and Dareus has jumped him as the #1 DT prospect.

---9--- Dallas Cowboys --- CB - Prince Amukumara – Nebraska. 6' 1" 202 lbs.

While Patrick Peterson is the best cornerback prospect, Prince Amukamara isn't far behind.  The Cowboys need help on the O-line but they have not drafted an OL in the 1st round in the past 30 years.  Mike Jenkings was a train wreck last year and Newman is getting old quick.

---10--- Washington Redskins --- QB - Cam Newton – Auburn.  6' 6" 250 lbs

This just seems like a good fit doesn’t it.  The Skins love to make a splash and be in the news and this pick will do it.   He has all the physical tools to be a successful NFL QB.  Did I mention Rex Grossman is the starting QB

---11--- Houston Texans --- DE/DT - Cameron Jordan – California. 6’ 4” 283lbs.

Cameron Jordan, DE/DT - A monstrous pass-rusher who couldn't be stopped during the Senior Bowl practices, Cameron Jordan would look great next as the 5-Tec DE in the Texans new 3-4 scheme

---12--- Minnesota Vikings --- QB - Jake Locker – Washington. 6' 3" 228 lbs

I think they need a young QB and I hope they don’t go after McNabb.  I could see an OT or DE here but Locker has all the tools and could have been a top pick last year.  He will go somewhere in the first round.  Don’t rule out a trade up for Cam Newton.

---13--- Detroit Lions --- OT - Nate Solder – Colorado. 6’8” 315lbs-

Nate Solder is a legit 6’8” 315lbs and has great athletic ability as a former TE.  He was dominant at the Senior Bowl and has great upside.  A 4-3 OLB and CB are needs but the value doesn’t fit here and they need to keep Stafford protected,

---14--- St. Louis Rams --- WR - Julio Jones – Alabama. 6' 4" 211 lbs. 

This is just a perfect fit and Jones could be gone in which case I would expect a DT.
This pick gives Sam Bradford a #1 target.  At 6' 4" 211 lbs. he’s a big target with inconsistent hands who played in Bama’s run orientated offence.  Has all the physical tools you look for in a #1 WR.

---15--- Miami Dolphins --- RB - Mark Ingram – Alabama. 5' 10" 216 lbs

Ronnie Brown and Rickey Williams are free agents.  Need meets value.  If Cam Newton or Locker slip they could find a home here if the Fins want to give up on Chad Henne.

---16--- Jacksonville Jaguars --- DE - Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue. 6-4 259 lbs

Ryan Kerrigan had an amazing senior campaign He led the nation with 26 TFL to along with his 12.5 sacks.  Kerrigan was dominant at the senior bowl going against the top OT’s in the draft.  The Jags need to continue to develop the D-Line to get pressure on Peyton Manning.

-17-New England Patriots (via Raiders) -DE/OLB -Aldon Smith Missouri.  6' 4" 262

The Pats are loaded with draft picks (7 in the first 4 rounds) this could lead to them packaging some picks if they love WR AJ Green or WR Julio Jones. On the flip side they’re just as likely to move down and acquire more pick so your guess is as good as mine  they’re needs are a rush 3-4 OLB and OL help if Matt Light and Logan Mankings leave via FA.  Aldon Smith is an athletic freak who can play 4-3 DE but will be asked to play standing up in the Pats 3-4 defensive scheme.  If any player has the ability to transition to the 3-4 OLB its Aldon Smith.

---18--- San Diego Chargers --- DE/DT - J.J. Watt – Wisconsin. 6' 6" 288 lbs. 

He’s a giant and a perfect fit as a 5 technique 3-4 DE.  Watt has a non-stop motor. The Chargers could also look to address the OLB position with a guy like OLB Justin Houston

---19--- New York Giants --- OT - Tyron Smith - Southern Cal. 6' 5" 290 lbs

Giants biggest need is a 4-3 SAM linebacker but unless they fall in love with OLB Akeem Ayers(UCLA) no other LB worthy of this pick.  OT is another big need, I’m not ready to give up on LT Will Beaty but the Giants might not see him as they’re future LT.  David Deihl is better suited as a LG.  Tyron Smith played RT at USC but has the ability to play LT in the NFL.  He looks like a TE and needs to add some weight but his upside is ridiculous. OLB/Center another Corner and possibly a RB( If Bradshaw leaves via free agency) are also needs but can be addressed later.  Two LB’s I like in round two/three for the Giants are North Carolina LB Bruce Carter and Boston College LB Mark Herzlich.   The GMen could look to trade down a bit and take ILB  Martez Wilson Illinois or hope he falls to round 2.

---20--- Tampa Bay Buccaneers --- DE - Adrian Clayborn – Iowa. 6' 3" 282 lbs

The Bucs got there 2 DT’s in last year’s draft with G. McCoy and Brian Price now they need a DE to get after the QB.  Clayborn has top 5 talent but had a down year.  He’s a steal at pick 20.

---21--- Kansas City Chiefs --- DE/DT - Muhammed Wilkerson – Temple

An underrated prospect that will pick up steam come draft day.  Can play multiple positions at DE/DT in the 3-4 front.  A OLB or OT or even a WR could be in play.

---22--- Indianapolis Colts --- OT- Anthony Castonzo - Boston College. 6-7 302 lbs.

You just need to protect Peyton Manning.  Castonzo is the most pro ready OT and can play LT or RT.

---23--- Philadelphia Eagles --- OT - Gabe Carimi – Wisconsin. 6' 7" 325 lbs.

RT and CB are the two big needs and with the left handed Vick they need a RT.  Carimi plays with a mean streak and just beats up DE’s.  He’s an Andy Reid type of player and you can just pencil him in at RT for the next 8 years and feel good about it.

---24--- New Orleans Saints --- DE/DT - Corey Liuget – Illinois. 6' 3" 300 lbs.

 A penetrating DT to pair with former 1st round pick Sed Ellis to help the run Defense.  He can get after the QB and is stout against the run.

---25--- Seattle Seahawks ---.  NT - Phil Taylor – Baylor

A giant space eater who will help the sub par LB core.  I can see a QB/LB/CB or OT here as well.

---26--- Baltimore Ravens --- DE/OLB - Justin Houston – Georgia. 6' 4" 250 lbs

Pair OLB Justin Houston with star LB Suggs and they’re pass rush just got ridiculous.  Ravens could also look at one of the elite OT prospects or a speed WR.  My buddy from DC, Sal, says CB will not be the pick in round one.  I’m sticking with his info…for now

---27--- Atlanta Falcons --- WR - Torrey Smith – Maryland 6' 0" 205 lbs.

Needs include Left DE/OT/WR/TE.  Giving Matt Ryan another weapon will only help this already dynamic offence.  I just don’t see a Left DE worthy of this pick to pair opposite John Abraham.  I could see Matt Ryan rooting for BC OT Anthony Castonzo with this pick to help secure the O-Line.  This is also the only spot in the 1st round I can see Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolf landing.

---28-- New England Patriots – OT - Derek Sherrod - Mississippi State. 6' 6" 306 lbs

The last of the elite OT prospects lands with the Pats.  If Matt Light leaves they can try Sherrod at LT and he has the feet and athletic ability to play there but more likely RT Sebastian Vollmer moves to LT and Sherrod man’s RT, improving the entire line.

---29--- Chicago Bears --- C - Stefan Wisniewski – Penn State

IMO Wisniewski is the most pro ready interior lineman in the draft.  He can start at LG or Center from day one.  The Bears need a few OL to keep Cutler healthy.  I could also see a big DT here to replace the released Tommy Harris.

---30--- New York Jets --- WR - Jonathan Baldwin – Pittsburgh. 6' 5” 225 lbs.

Most mocks will have a rush 3-4 OLB here but with Santonio and Braylon both being free agents (I think they re-sign Santonio and let Braylon walk) they will be in the market for a WR.  Enter Baldwin who’s a huge target who has some off the field issues that the Jets just won’t care about.  This will really help the development of Sanchez.  If the Jets do look at Plaxico Burress (or resign both WR’s) then this pick will change to a 3-4 pass rushing OLB or possibly a 5 technique DE.

---31--- Pittsburgh Steelers --- CB  Jimmy Smith – Colorado

Steelers sit at 31 a get great value and a position of need.  Smith falls a bit due to off the field concerns that really don’t concern me.  OT and Guard are also options here and it would be of no surprise if the brother of Steelers center Maurkise Pouncey, Mike Pouncey is the pick here.  Or local product Villanova LT/OG Benjamin Ijalana would be a great fit if the injury history checks out.

---32--- Green Bay Packers --- OLB - Akeem Ayers – UCLA. 6' 4" 253 lbs

Akeem Ayers is a talented outside linebacker who would play OLB in the Packers 3-4 he also has the ability to play SAM LB 4-3 scheme. A Tackle or WR could also be considered here.

**ROUND 2**

---33--- New England Patriots -- RB - Mikel LeShoure – Illinois

---34--- Buffalo Bills --- OG/OT - Benjamin Ijalana - Villanova

---35--- Cincinnati Bengals --- QB - Ryan Mallett – Arkansas. 6' 7" 238 lbs

---36--- Denver Broncos --- CB- Brandon Harris - Miami (Fl.) 5’11” 195lbs

---37--- Cleveland Browns --- WR - Leonard Hankerson - Miami (Fl)

---38--- Arizona Cardinals --- QB - Christian Ponder - Florida State

---39--- Tennessee Titans --- QB - Andy Dalton – TCU

---40--- Dallas Cowboys --- FS - Rahim Moore – UCLA

---41--- Washington Redskins --- DE/DT - Cameron Heyward - Ohio State. 6-6 282

---42--- Houston Texans --- CB - Aaron Williams - Texas CB

---43--- Minnesota Vikings --- OG/OT - Marcus Cannon - TCU

---44--- Detroit Lions --- OG/C - Mike Pouncey – Florida. 6' 5" 315 lbs

---45--- San Francisco 49ers --- DE/DT - Christian Ballard - Iowa

---46--- Denver Broncos --- DE/DT - Allen Bailey - Miami (Fl)

---47--- St. Louis Rams --- DE - Jabaal Sheard - Pittsburgh

---48--- Oakland Raiders --- CB - Curtis Brown - Texas

---49--- Jacksonville Jaguars --- FS - Deunta Williams - North Carolina

---50--- San Diego Chargers --- NT - Stephen Paea - Oregon

---51--- Tampa Bay Buccaneers --- OLB - Bruce Carter - North Carolina

---52--- New York Giants --- ILB - Martez Wilson - Illinois

---53--- Indianapolis Colts --- DT - Drake Nevis - LSU

---54--- Philadelphia Eagles --- CB - Ras I Dowling - Virginia

---55--- Kansas City Chiefs --- OT/OG - Danny Watkins – Baylor

---56--- New Orleans Saints --- DE - Sam Acho – Texas

---57--- Seattle Seahawks --- OG/C - John Moffitt - Wisconsin

---58--- Baltimore Ravens --- WR - Titus Young - Boise State

---59--- Atlanta Falcons --- TE - Kyle Rudolph – Notre Dame

---60--- New England Patriots --- WLB - Mark Herzlich - Boston College

---61--- San Diego Chargers --- DE/OLB - Brooks Reed – Arizona

---62--- Chicago Bears --- DT - Marvin Austin - North Carolina

---63--- Pittsburgh Steelers --- OG/OT - Orlando Franklin - Miami (Fl)

---64--- Green Bay Packers --- ILB - Colin McCarthy - Miami (Fl)

***ROUND 3***

--65--- Carolina Panthers --- DE - Pernell McPhee - Mississippi State

---66--- Cincinnati Bengals --- CB - Brandon Burton - Utah

---67--- Denver Broncos --- RB - Ryan Williams - Virginia Tech

---68--- Buffalo Bills --- DT - Jurrell Casey - Southern Cal

---69--- Arizona Cardinals --- OG - Stephen Schilling - Michigan

---70--- Cleveland Browns --- FS - Robert Sands - West Virginia

---71--- Dallas Cowboys --- OT - Jason Pinkston - Pittsburgh

---72--- New Orleans Saints --- WLB - Mason Foster - Washington

---73--- Houston Texans --- WR - Greg Little - North Carolina

---74--- New England Patriots --- DE/LB - Thomas Keiser - Stanford

---75--- Detroit Lions --- - DeAndre McDaniel – Clemson

---76--- San Francisco 49ers --- QB - Ricky Stanzi - Iowa

---77--- Tennessee Titans --- - Casey Matthews - Oregon

---78--- St. Louis Rams --- RB - Daniel Thomas - Kansas State

---79--- Miami Dolphins --- QB - Colin Kaepernick – Nevada

---80--- Jacksonville Jaguars --- ILB - Quan Sturdivant - North Carolina

---81--- Oakland Raiders --- RLB - Dontay Moch - Nevada

---82--- San Diego Chargers --- ILB - Greg Jones - Michigan State

---83--- New York Giants --- RB - Jordan Todman - Connecticut

---84--- Tampa Bay Buccaneers --- FS - Quinton Carter - Oklahoma

---85--- Philadelphia Eagles --- WLB - K.J. Wright - Mississippi State

---86--- Kansas City Chiefs --- C - Jake Kirkpatrick - TCU

---87--- Indianapolis Colts --- SS - Jeron Johnson - Boise State

---88--- New Orleans Saints --- OT - Joseph Barksdale - LSU

---89--- San Diego Chargers --- WR/RB - Randall Cobb - Kentucky

---90--- Baltimore Ravens --- CB - Johnny Patrick – Louisville

---91--- Atlanta Falcons --- OT/OG - DeMarcus Love - Arkansas

---92--- New England Patriots --- CB - Justin Rogers - Richmond

---93--- Chicago Bears --- WR - Terrence Toliver - LSU

---94--- New York Jets --- DE/LB - Jeremy Beal – Oklahoma

---95--- Pittsburgh Steelers --- OT - Chris Hairston - Clemson

---96--- Green Bay Packers --- OG - Will Rackley – Lehigh

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